Monday, December 17, 2012

Small time Logging


DH and my Dad have been doing a little bit of "logging" on our new farm!! There is a few patches that have to MANY trees, so they are trying to choose some of the large cedar trees and cut them out so we can take them to the Amish Sawmill to be turned into 6X6 posts and any other lumber they can get out of them. Dad's running the chainsaw, and hubby runs the tractor, hauling the logs to the trailer.


Once they get a fairly full trailer, DH drives over to the saw mill and leaves the logs till they have time to cut them up. This "logging" venture will do two money on posts and lumber that DH needs for his workshop he hopes to build this next year, AND get some of the trees cleared out, so grass will grow ALL over our farm, and support more animals! Back in the trees I guess there isn't much grass at this time, and while we don't want to take down ALL the trees, do want to make it so we can have grass in around the trees for our animals.


Here is a photo DH took in October of the FIRST batch of poles and wood he got. DH said he figures we've saved at least 500 bucks so far (just in poles) by taking trees to the sawmill, and that's not counting the "boards" he also gets out of each log.

I'm all for saving money...AND being able to support more animals, so as long as it doesn't take ALL my precious trees, I'm happy!  LOL  There are some hedge trees in there too, that will give us more fence posts.

The nice weather we've had so far this winter has really helped be able to get some things done outside. Course it sounds like winter may finally be catching up to us this week, so we will see how much longer they are able to do things like this.  Least they have a head start on it, and don't have to do it all come spring...before we can get started on a new shed for hubby's workshop...if we come up with the money we need to get the other things for it that is!

Course, we really need to get a fence between the pasture and wanna be hayfield too before hopefully hubby will stop doing trees and get to work on that soon...if the weather will let him...before the cows get to eat the hay field down in the spring!

So much to LITTLE time!  *sigh*


  1. Y'all are taking out trees. We're mapping out for planting trees. All for the animals. hahaha!

  2. Joe's grandparents had a farm near Salem (in Stayton) ... they are both gone now, but their two boys (Joe's uncles) now run the farm. Anyway, they had their own mill on the property and when they built the house that is there now, they used the timber off the land and cut it all up in their mill. It's one sound house! I love it!


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