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Friday, December 14, 2012

Our New Hillbilly Home Tour...Guest room

A tour of our new Hillbilly Home

The last room, in the tour of the upstairs at our new home is the Guest Room. It's actually a combination room...Guest Room, DVD Room, Piano Room, Storage Room and Pantry. LOL

A tour of our new Hillbilly Home

We had the have the piano in here, cause the living room is just NOT large enough, and where I was originally going to put it (Dinning Room) wasn't going to work either. I was considering putting it where the buffet is, and put the buffet behind the table along the wall...but there wasn't enough room to have the table out further and still be able to get all the way around it (easily), if I put the buffet there, so we went with putting the piano in the Guest room instead. I don't play it lots...probably should just get rid of it, but hate to...so there it sits. *sigh*

A tour of our new Hillbilly Home

The Dresser is a cheap one DH's Mom had, but works for storage and any guests that want to use a drawer or two.

A tour of our new Hillbilly Home

The new central heat was put in the closet in the Guest Room. It's a nice size closet, and while I would rather have given up the one in the living room for it, this worked better for putting a cold air return vent in, so that's where it ended up. There is still a nice size closet area left for a guest room...course it's pretty full cause I'm also using it for storage and some of my 5 gallon buckets of pantry items (extra sugar/flour/wheat etc.) :-))

This room REALLY needs a new paint job too, and the boarder to be gone...but not sure how soon that will happen.  I REALLY HATE the boarder in here...it's race horses, and while horses are ok, I really wouldn't  decorate with them...and especially not THIS ugly border.  LOL  Thankfully it's a guest room...so I don't have to see it all that much!  :-))

This concludes the upstairs portion of the tour.  I haven't gotten photos of the downstairs yet...it's still got some problem areas, that I'm slowly trying to work on.  Once I get some of them addressed, I'll finish our new home tour...but it may be a little while before that happens!  LOL  I doubt I'll get the downstairs totally "done" before I share...as I'd have to get the new porch I want done and moved into before the downstairs WILL be the way I want it, but least hopefully I can get it a little better, before I get some photos.

This house doesn't seem all that large, especially with as much junk as we have, but I'm slowly figuring out how to get it organized...so maybe it will work just fine, once I get that done.  It's suppose to have a little more space than our last one...but I just don't see it, well ok, I kinda do...because it's got an extra bathroom...but the way the house is set up, makes it hard to have it organized and set up like I'd like it to be.

Next up...we will head downstairs when the Tour of our New Hillbilly home continues!  :-))


  1. Hang in there! Ya' got all winter... with nothing much to do, beyond the animals! ( yeah... right! ) LOL

  2. Ya, I don't think I like that border either... It's nice to have an extra room though, huh?



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