Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Digging up our side yard.

Getting a new Septic Tank!

We FINALLY got our new septic tank installed today! Since the one that was here had started collapsing on us, and made the sewer back up from time to time (NOT a happy moment when that happened *sigh*) we made sure this time we got a concrete one. Well...naturally we didn't install the last one, and would NOT have gotten a plastic one so wouldn't have HAD this trouble had we been doing it to begin with. Anyway, we finally got it installed this morning!! Yippee!!

Getting a new Septic Tank!

It's been far to long it seems since I felt half way confident that our septic system was up to snuff. We found out we had a problem not long after buying the property...just didn't know how BAD it was for a while, and WHAT the problem was till a few weeks ago. The people we called, found out the problem, then never got back to us with a written estimate (the verbal one they gave us was WAY more than what we ended up having to pay to the one who did the installation!) so we finally talked to my brother and he told us about the guy who did the work today. He came right out the day after taking to hubby on the phone to look and see what it would take (Saturday) then today came and installed it...just a half a week later! Wow, talk about fast work!! Praise God we finally got someone who was on the ball and willing to do the job, not to mention a LOT cheaper than we had feared it would be after talking to the "other" people! :-))

Getting a new Septic Tank!

They had it installed and cleaned up by noon today without to much trouble. There was a small problem because of a dumb blond, but hey, least it was water from the dishwasher draining down on them in the hole while they were digging it out, and not the toilet! *giggle* Yep, I had started the dishwasher before they got there, and totally forgot about it, so didn't go stop it till hubby ran in and asked if I had water running. Oops! *snicker* Least it gave me a good chuckle today...thinking about them ducking out of the way as the water drained out of the cut pipe into the newly dug hole. *giggle*

Getting a new Septic Tank!

Speaking of funny, this chicken just would NOT leave the open dirt alone! I happen to be watching once as it was chased around by the bucket...he went ALL the way around in a circle with his track hoe, trying to chase that stupid chicken away. It didn't stay away for long, and was back looking for food in the open dirt, not worried about getting flattened by the bucket, dirt or anything. Hubby said it was down IN the hole once while they were down in it digging and measuring. Guess the guys got a laugh out of it too. It did manage to survive the I guess maybe it's a lucky chicken...not just a stupid one! :-))

This has been a better week so far than the last one!  Yes we had to spend more money than I wanted to, between the truck and the plumbing....but not as much as I had feared for either one, (so far anyway)'s not as bad as it could have been!  I just am so thankful we had the money for it, even if it had originally been allotted for a different project!  God is so good to us!

The best part of this week though, as been the laughs we've had!   Besides the chuckles today, last night I said something that had us in stitches...guess I'm back to being dumb entertaining!  Life is so much more fun when I am!  ;-))


  1. Talk about fresh air feelin'! LOL It's always so nice to hear about folks getting these kind of problems solved so quickly and with ease, especially when it happens during the crappy weather season. Enjoy the relief!

    1. It's not been to bad here yet...although has turned cooler, so a coat feels good for a change. LOL It doesn't however FEEL like it was fixed quickly, since we've been fighting it since we moved...but this guy DID fix it quickly once HE knew about it, so I guess you could say it was! :-))

  2. Why would anyone put in a plastic septic tank? That's just insane!! ... Here's to NO MORE back-ups! *gag*


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