Thursday, December 06, 2012

Another one of those weeks...

New Door!

This week has been something else. Ok, I've not been TOTALLY busy, but hubby has, so it makes me feel like I am more so too. LOL Yes I'm strange...what can I say!

WE started out going to do our monthly shopping on Monday. That was a all day job, not sure why it seems to take longer here in Missouri, other than the fact we have to go further, if we want a Sams Club, but we are usually gone ALL day, instead of a half day like we sometimes could do it in, in Nebraska. We haven't gone every month to sams, because it's so much further...but this month we needed some other stores in a bigger town, so did.

We came home from our shopping trip, and found the screen door that we knew was on it's last legs, on the back door, had bit the dust (literally). Since the door was installed WAY wrong with a large gap under the door, we HAD to have a screen door, to keep out some bigger critters and rain. So....Tuesday we had to turn around and go get a new door. We didn't have time to go back to the bigger town, with more choices, so went to a smaller town to the south, that had a Lowe's. Hubby had somewhere he had to be that afternoon...and the next morning, so we didn't install the door till today.

This morning he got to work, tore out the old door and get the new one and screen door installed. It's so NICE to have a window in the door now! The guy who built this place put in the cheapest door he could find I think, which meant NO window at all...and I like to be able to look out and see what is going on and maybe even who is at the door, before opening it, so had to get one with a window in it! Now I can see out to the back of the house, without going to the bathroom or living room. How cool is that!

Course, I'm kinda unhappy about the fact that the guy at Lowe's lied to us about the screen door...but sadly can't say I'm surprised. We've had a LOT of trouble with that store since we moved here, they are good at screwing things up for us. I like to be able to put the screen on the top part of the screen have always gotten one that would do that before. We asked if this one would do that, and were told YES, without hesitation, so...believed him. Silly us. It can't be switched, dang it anyway.

Between having to go shopping, go get a new door and screen door, and finding out we have to get something repaired on the truck next week, and then this morning having to have something ELSE repaired on the wood furnace setup...we've not had a real great week. To much money going out for my comfort! Course, we have been expecting to hear from the people who have to come put in our new septic tank, so we know how MUCH and maybe when it will be done, and can't seem to get a hold of them that's not made me any happier this week. I don't like having to spend money so much, but if I'm going to have to, I'd rather get it over and done with so I can move on and know for sure how screwed we are money wise...if you know what I mean. LOL *sigh*

People here just don't seem to bother calling people back...I don't understand it.

Anyway, the one bright spot this week is in my kitchen! The window in the door makes it brighter in that corner of the kitchen! Yippee!!! I know I will LOVE having the window in the door. Now I can't wait till we can afford to change out the other two outside doors, so we can have a window in them too (although smaller). Just hope they wait till we WANT to do it, not MAKING us do it like this one did. LOL

Oh, and I've decided things won't really be "slowing" down I'm going to have to learn to live with never getting everything done. Just thinking about how busy hubby seems lately, makes me tired, let alone thinking about what I need to be doing myself. LOL Think I need to get back to my lists...helps motivate me more too, and since I've been a little low on mojo lately, I could really use help there! :-))


  1. Nooooooo! I come back and... no picture! LOL I know. I know. Same cow kicked me, Deb. It's been a belt on a motor that somebody greased too much... and we just can't seem to keep up! Crazy! I'm gonna try getting updated photos posted over the next week. I've got two new babies that have been ' going to school ' since they got here. And two girls that are beginning to show their bellies! Cora's beginning to look like there could be 2 calves. Scary. Hope you get a photo of that door! I'd love to see it!!

    1. Hmmm...the photo is showing up for me, so not sure why it isn't for you! Sorry! :-))

  2. The photo is showing up for me. That is exactly like our back door and I love it. Like you, I like being able to see out before I open the door.

    It must be something going around this month, we've had more little unexpected repairs come up than any month I can remember.

  3. It's too bad the old door wasn't installed properly, but the new one is so nice! It looks a lot like our back door. :)


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