Saturday, January 05, 2013

A quick trip.

Our little Sweetheart!

We took another trip to the big city yesterday, so my parents could go see Kainsley for the first time. Since they still only allow two people in the room at a time, we all had to take turns going to see her...which didn't give us a LOT of time with her, but least we got to see her and...

Proud Auntie Deb!

...even got to hold her!!!! I had a hard time letting her go, but finally handed her back to her Mommy, so I could force myself to leave and let the next person in to see her.  She is just so precious!  I didn't get near enough photo's of her either.  LOL

Proud Uncle

Hubby even took his turn at holding her!  I thought to send my camera back in with him thankfully, so Kali could get a photo of him too...wish I had thought to do that with my parents too.  *sigh*

Tiny Kainsley

She is still so tiny...course she is only a week old after being born tiny, so it's not surprising ..just still hard to believe how small she seems. I had my niece put her finger in her tiny hand, so I could get a photo and show the difference. Course Kali's hand's are kinda small too, so Kainsley's hand didn't look quite as small as it did against mine...but still pretty small. :-))

Since there were other family there to see her too, and we had to get home before TO late...because of expecting a friend for the weekend, we didn't get to stay long...but least Kainsley's Great Grandparents on her Grandpa's side has seen her now!  (And...least I finally got to hold her!!  Yippee!!!  LOL)

If all goes well, Kainsley should be coming home soon!  If not tomorrow, hopefully the first part of the week!  It will be a relief to everyone I'm sure, knowing she is well enough to go home.

Before we headed home, we went to a couple stores my parents needed to go to since they were in the city (for the first time in quite a while) and then headed home.  We even managed to beat DH's friend here, so we got to see Peaches get all excited about him being here...thats ALWAYS funny!  

Even with a few minor troubles, it was a blessed day...course I guess any day I get to hold a precious baby is a blessed day!!  ;-))


  1. Oh, my goodness, Deb! She is such a beautiful baby! I hope you're able to get photos of all the living generations sitting together, asap! You just wait! You should hide this photo of her holding Mom's finger. Have 2 of 'em ready in frames, for her AND your niece, to give to them both, on her wedding day!

  2. She is so beautiful! It's always a wonderful day when a baby is involved, don't you think?! :)

    Glad you got to see her again! Wonderful photos!


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