Thursday, January 03, 2013

A Rant...

Clover and her new baby!

Have you ever wondered why most of the photos I take are of our animals or the beautiful scenery God has blessed us with?

I take photos of things I love...and while I adore my family...and do take photos of them now and then, what gives me the most joy and peace in life is our animals and the beauty that God has painted around that is what I take photos of the most.

I do like people...even though I've known a lot of them that I don't like...some just plain evil, there are a lot of good people out there. However because I've known far to many toxic (for want of a better word) people in my life, I tend to shy away from "people" for the most part, being the happiest at home with our animals and any family and friends who care to stop by.

Today hubby came home and told me a story that ticked me off...mainly cause it reminded me a bit of growing up and going to school. There were a LOT of "toxic" people in that can be so mean, and I was never so glad to graduate, so I didn't have to go see them every day.

DH has gotten to know several of our neighbor's (who happen to be Amish) and enjoys going over and talking with them. Naturally, I stay home most of the time, I don't have the "gift of gab", like he does, so find it hard to "chat" with people a lot. LOL I do however love that we have "Amish" neighbors...they could be Amish, or "English" as they call us, it wouldn't matter, a good neighbor is a wonderful thing.

Hubby went in to our local farm store today (Orscheln's) and saw one of our Amish neighbors in there, so thought he would go "bug" him. As he walked up, he saw one of the workers walk up with a chain, and basically throw it into the basket and say "Here, need anything else?" in a real snooty voice, NOT a nice "I'm happy to help you" voice. Then he turns, sees DH walking up and...acting all nice...asks if he can help him find anything.

DH just told the guy no, he just came over to talk to the Amish and turned to do so. Personally I would have let him know what I thought of his bad attitude, but...hubby is a much more forgiving person than I am. Guess that's something I need to work on. *sigh* I guess the guy then got a bit huffy at hubby before he turned and left...and DH is wondering how he will be treated the next time he goes in there, now that he is known to associate with the "Amish"! *gasp* LOL

Grrrr....that kind of attitude just irks me! Like as if he is better than the "Amish"! Seriously? I don't really know a lot of Amish...I have no doubt there are some trouble makers in their ranks...but there are in the "English" ranks too, so who are we to look down our noses at the Amish?

When I got irate, after hubby told me, he said well maybe he was just having a bad day...yeah right, sorry Dear, that won't fly cause if he was just "having a bad day" he wouldn't have been "nice" to you either!  (See how sweet my hubby is...he was even willing to excuse a total jerk!)

THIS is ALSO a classic example of WHY I prefer to stay home, safe in my little hillbilly haven, and take photos of the good things in life!  I don't deal with idiots all that well...and tend to let them know I can't stand to be around them.  *giggle*  Call me a bitch if ya want...I really couldn't care less.

Besides... it's so much easier to enjoy life when you stay home so you don't have to deal with the complete idiots!  :-))

Thank you Yahweh for letting me be a housewife, and blessing me with the wonderful man you gave me too, who LOVES to get out and talk to he doesn't mind doing the "running around" so I don't have to unless I WANT to! I am Blessed!   :-)))))

Sorry for the Rant, I couldn't help myself!  LOL  Better run now though...gotta big day tomorrow, and we are expecting company on top of it!  Peaches should be REALLY happy tomorrow evening!  ;)


  1. Doxie,
    I know what you mean. It seem that there are more "EVIL" people out there! I deal with 1400 of them each at the job! But that is my choice when I desided to go to work at a prison.
    I would rather be at the Homestead working on the new Chicken Coop or other projects!
    And as far as the "Jerk" goes, There is no understanding some people! I wish that there were an "Amish" community near where I live in N.C. They know farming and I could learn a lot from them! Also as a newby woodworker, more things to learn!!
    Do not apologise for feeling the way you do, You not a lone!

    1. Thanks Tom, sure glad I don't have to work at a prison...I don't deal well with stress and that has to be full of it! Hopefully you can spend enough time at your Homestead so you de-stress enough! :-))

  2. It's really sad that people have to act like that. It really is rude and disrespectful! *sigh*

  3. This is one of the reasons why Hubs and I have decided to cut off cable and lan phone service with Charter. There have been 2 so-called 'reality' shows about the Amish, one very obviously trumped up like a flying pickle. This secular world has become extremely toxic and the Amish community have become flexible. Frightening to those of us knowing the differences and feeling the envy toward their beautiful talents, coming from such rare self-respect for one's hard-working hands. Shameful that people outside their world are so shallow as to 'believe' the created FAKE of a television show for judging such a humble community of God-loving people. Their children have no idea how blessed they are to have their support. Like you, Deb... that guy was lucky I was not standing there, as well. He would have wanted to crawl under the floor boards before I left.

    1. I didn't even know there was a "reality" show out there about the Amish...that figures, people do seem to tend to believe what they see on TV...which seems kinda silly to me, even if it IS a "reality" show. Guess that could explain some of the attitudes people seem to have about the Amish...not that it makes it right, but I HAVE wondered. :-))

  4. Deb, I was reading your article having stopped by from your Cheery Lynn challenge entry. You might find some interesting reading if you Google "Amish animal cruelty" I refuse to buy anything that is Amish made because of their cruelty to animals. They think of animals as a tool to be used and then discarded rather than the gift that they truly are. They are one of the biggest abusers of dogs in the US, they have huge puppy mills in Pennsylvania (in Missouri as well) that are the saddest sites you will ever see. Horrible, horrible abuse. Out here in mid-Michigan we have an Amish community. One of their farms has a fenced in area, about 40 x 40 feet and it is so full of ducks that they can not move. They are just another cash crop. I can't stand cruelty to dogs or any animal for that matter.

    1. While I realize that there are "bad" Amish out there, just like there are of any group, in OUR experience there are more "English" as they like to call us that are worse with animals than there are Amish around here. I would go so far as to say that that's the way of it throughout the US. Have you taken a good look at the factory farms where most likely your chicken and/or beef comes from? There have been documentary's online about them, and all you have to do is drive by a cow lot, to SEE how sad an end those animals have. THOSE are not usually Amish Owned, least in my experience. Yet...people don't think about where their food comes from, they just go to the store and buy that chicken/beef/pork or whatever meat they are wanting, not thinking about how "abused" those animals were before they went to the butcher.

      I realize that not everyone can afford to buy good pastured meat. Meat that comes from animals that were raised on good grass, being able to roam and be HAPPY ALL of their life. I'm extremely lucky in the fact that we can raise our own beef now, and make sure they are loved while they are alive, and treated with the love and respect they deserve, until it's time for them to go into our freezer. However, just because there ARE some Amish that aren't to nice to their animals, doesn't mean that ALL of them are.

      We have gotten to know our Amish neighbors, and they are kind to their animals. YES they do have buggy horses...but you know, so do we...and while we can't hook her up, cause she has an unexplained limp now, when we did, she was HAPPY to pull a cart again. You could tell she was, by the way she pranced down the driveway, with her head held high. She felt useful again...and who doesn't love THAT...even a horse!

      So if you want to refuse to buy from Amish...that's YOUR loss, and I won't fault you for it, because you have the right to your own opinion. However, in MY opinion, you are wrong...Amish aren't any worse than "English"...and in some cases, far better.

      In fact, my hubby was just talking about how the Amish around here refuse to sell their horses to a certain "English" person, as he just takes them to the slaughter no, I don't think the Amish here abuse their animals...they may have to "work" but that's what they were meant where is the harm in that? It's happened for centuries...and at least some of the animals LOVE it!

      Sorry to rant...but really there are bad ones in every bunch...and puppy mills aren't JUST Amish owned...or feed lots for that matter, be they beef or poultry.


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