Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stolen Camera

Sunning herself

Last week when I was sick, my hubby stole my camera and got this photo of one of our cats, enjoying the early morning sunshine on the rail fence. I just LOVE this photo!

I'm thinking maybe hubby needs to steal my camera a little more often...or hmmm, maybe I could use this as an excuse as to why I need to go buy a new camera?  So he can have my old one? ROFL  Hmmm, somehow I don't think that would fly, although I know if we actually COULD afford to get me a new one he would let me, I just don't think that's in the cards right now...but I can't say it's not in my dreams, as I'd love to have one that will make movies.  LOL

Anyway...guess I shouldn't dream about that since I don't seem to be using my camera near enough lately!  Ah well...winter has always been a bad time for taking photos for me...cause I prefer staying in where it's warm.  LOL  As for why I didn't take as many last year, aren't suppose to remember that!!  I'll just go with the excuse I was still REALLY busy from the move!  :-))

Anyway, just wanted to share this photo.  Need to go get some things done.  I did get the apple crisp made this morning and hubby delivered it...then came back and said that the "boy's" Dad was there and when he hears why his son's got an apple crisp (cause they just had a baby) he said "I've got where's mine?"  *giggle*  I thought that was funny...then it hit me...16 kids!  Wow!  I can't imagine!  LOL  Personally I think that's great, but WOW!  *sigh*  What a Blessed Man!

I guess I'll have to make him an Apple Crisp one of these days...that family really seems so nice, we are so blessed to have them as "neighbors" even if some of them live a few miles away.

It snowed last night, just probably 2-3 inches, but it's white here again.  It's suppose to get warm again though, by the weekend, so it probably won't last to long.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


  1. That is such a lovely picture.

  2. That picture would be great framed. Love the way the sun is shining on the side of the tree.

  3. That is an awesome picture! I do love me some cats!!!! :)

  4. Blessed Man? Bless that Momma!! LOL Your kitty looks like a natural camera ham. Fits just perfectly with all the scenery! You should frame this one, Deb!!!

    1. Ha Ha, well it goes without saying I think she is very blessed too! :-))


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