Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pretty Moon and rambles


The temperatures have been up and down this winter...the last few days it's been warm, actually really warm yesterday...didn't even get cold last night. That of course means it's a bit to warm in our bedroom at night, with the wood furnace running...and the lines coming into the house right in the bathroom just off our bedroom. I had the window open last night, till it started raining...but it wasn't cold enough outside, to really cool it off in the bedroom much.

Looking forward to spring though...even though the temps have really not been to bad so far this winter.  Can't wait till things start greening up around here!

I couldn't resist taking a photo of the moon the other evening.  It didn't turn out quite as good as I'd hoped it would, but still kinda pretty.

With the warm temps and actually getting some rain for a change, we've got MUD here now!  Yikes, we didn't have as much problem with mud at our last farm, cause that hillside drained really well...we have more clay in the soil here, so it doesn't drain near as well off this hill...so I think we will have to learn to live with mud more here.  LOL  Gotta get some more rock soon I'm thinking...where I park the car usually really NEEDS some!

Hubby went over to the Amish Sawmill,  that is close to us, today cause he heard them running and owed them a little money for the last logs they cut up for him.  He's gotten to be friends with the men who own the mill...one of them (Andy) is the father of the Amish baby we went to see a couple weeks ago...the couple DH had to drive to the midwife.

I'd made an apple crisp for them, and took it when we went to see the baby...so when hubby went over to the mill, the brother of Andy,  informed DH that HIS baby had finally arrived...and then asked where HIS apple crisp was!  *giggle*  I thought that was to funny...so went and got some apples out of the freezer, and will make him one tomorrow.  Guess I've started a new tradition around here...Apple Crisp for a new baby!  :-))

I did tell hubby he would have to apologize for it being late...but to also tell Jerry (the new Dad) that it's his own fault...cause Andy called us in the middle of the night to tell us his wife was in labor (only cause they needed a ride...but still).  LOL  Course my luck, Jerry will go find a phone in the middle of the night and call us just for grins...he sounds like he is a Jokester.  LOL

Anyway, we've been moving kinda slow around here so far this week.  Got a little done here and there, but...we've both been kinda tired, not to mention been gone some of the time.  It's suppose to cool off and snow tonight...so maybe, I'll be able to open the window and get some cool air in our bedroom, so I can sleep better!  I'm hoping anyway!  I have actually slept better than I was there for a while...but not as good as I should be.

Off to lounge in the living room now though...I have a book that wants read, and I've not had any reading time lately...I'm taking some time for that this evening!  :-))


  1. Funny about the apple crisps! Better keep lots of apples on hand! ;)

    Wish we would get some warm weather around here. It has been in the 20s, but has finally gone back up into the 40s... But that's still too cold for me! ;)


  2. "a book that wants read"...cute =o)


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