Sunday, January 27, 2013


Target Practicing

I've been sick this last week, well I got sick and slowly got over it as the week progressed...and then had to try and finish up the beef broth and do a few things before the weekend hit again with me not having gotten much done.  LOL  Least the beef broth is done, now I just gotta find a place for all the I can find my sink in the soap room again and get some new herbal salve made, that I am needing.  I also need to start on some chicken stock...hopefully this week, if not next.  LOL

Last weekend, before I got sick, we went over to my parents house, and target practiced with my brother. It's been years since I shot a gun much...only two or three times I think since we got married. Growing up we had fun when my beloved Uncle came to visit, plinking around the farm, but then he (my Uncle) was buying the ammo, so we could. LOL

My Dad was very diligent about teaching us gun safety and to respect the dangers of a gun. He was a former Marine, and a wonderful father who wanted us to grow up and be able to protect ourselves, and loved ones should we need to...not to mention be able to hunt down some food if that's all we could afford to do for meat (as long as it was a clean meat that followed the food laws in the bible). He's long been a guy who wants to be "prepared" for anything, and taught us to be that way much as possible.

Target Practicing

I may be getting older...and haven't shot a gun all that much in the past few years, but I've STILL GOT IT!! Hitting the target was always something I was good at when I was growing up...and I still can. I may not be quite as good as I was, I have trouble holding a rifle totally steady, but I still hit the target, so I haven't gotten to much worse than I was growing up, even with all the years in between, without practice.  It feels good to know, the ONE thing I was REALLY good at is still mostly there!  :-))

Target Practicing

We used the little swinging chicken target my Uncle made years ago, so we could see when we hit it. Course the first shot I sent it's way from the rifle killed it, so my brother had to go weld it back on...and I got teased about that, but once it was fixed and back in place, we all had fun making it dance.

The strange thing about it all was...I didn't realize till the next morning, that it was the anniversary of my beloved Uncle's death. He would have had so much fun plinking away with us...he loved to come visit and do that.

It's always amazes me the power of our subconscious mind. I probably wouldn't have thought much about it, had I dreamed about my Uncle the night after our target practicing, after all I had thought of him that day and how we always had fun when he came up to target practice, but this time, instead of dreaming about him...I dreamed about the fact that it was the anniversary of his death. When I woke up I realized that indeed it was...and that 19 years ago we lost our beloved Orison. He died late in the evening, but I didn't find out about it till the next's so strange, that even though I've had trouble remembering things this last year, and hadn't remembered that it was THE mind still knew, and let me know in my dreams. I don't think I'll ever get used to that happening.

It was a quiet week...for the most part.  Nothing major went on, other than my brother came over and helped with a small plumbing problem, (much to hubby's thankfulness...I think he is so GLAD to be here where my brother can help with any small plumbing jobs we need done, since hubby HATES plumbing.  *giggle*)  

We had to go pick up an order today (was suppose to be yesterday but the truck was late because of snow out west) so did our shopping for next month today too.  Nice to have that over with for another to get everything put away.  LOL  Most of that's waiting for tomorrow though, cause it's been a long day and I'm tired.  Hope everyone has had a good weekend...and I will TRY to get back to blogging more, but no promises.  LOL


  1. I am cracking up laughing here! You are so lucky! The first time I got to play poker with my grandpa and uncles... I put $2 in the pot, just like everybody else. And then, I cleaned their clocks out in the poker game. Do you know... those grown men would not let the 19 year old granddaughter/niece play poker with them, ever again!

  2. I've never shot a real gun, but I've shot a pellet gun once. I did really good, other than it was heavy and I had a hard time holding it steady. It was fun though. *lol*


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