Saturday, January 19, 2013

Time Flies

In Grandpa's Arms

Wow, where did this last week go? I can't believe how fast it seemed to go...or that I didn't get in here to make a new post till now. I didn't get these photos off my camera till today, and I took them last weekend. LOL

Last Saturday night was game night, so my family gathered at our house for supper and a night of fun. Since my niece is still off work from having her baby, she was able to make it with her family, and naturally we had to get some photos. I finally got one of my brother holding his Granddaughter.

Holding Grandpa's hand

And his granddaughter holding his hand...she is so tiny! LOL

Tiny Tot

In fact, when she got put back into her car seat, to head home I had to get a photo, cause it REALLY made her look tiny!  Yes, I am STILL not used to her being so keep harping on it.  LOL

We kept busy this week, not doing anything special...just busy.  I'm still working on bone broth, managed to get the last of the bones either in one of the crock-pots  or stuffed into the full once I do several batches of broth off the bones I have in the crock-pots now, I can switch to chicken broth, which we need more of...and then stop for a little while.  LOL

Other than that, and the "usual" things, I really don't know what I did this week, but I kept busy enough that the week just flew by!  Guess that's better than it creeping.  LOL Anyway, better get off here, have several things I need to get done this morning (still) so better get at it!   Have a great weekend!  :-))


  1. She's soooo Itty Bitty and Pretty! We've been busy around here, as well. I guess we're all getting those loose ends dealt with before spring busts loose!

  2. Loving all these baby pictures! :) ... Makes me want another one, old as I am! *lol*


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