Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Cute little Bull

Our young Jersey Bull

I got this photo of our young bull yesterday, when I went to get photo's of Clover's baby, before she left. While it's not as good as it could have been, since the camera setting was wrong...I thought it wasn't to bad, and loved how it shows him standing looking at me. He is so much cuter than our other bull...I'm glad DH decided he wanted to keep him we didn't turn him into a steer. Even if he does have a touch of Holstein in him, I think he will be a better herd sire than Trinity. :-))

For now though...if we could just figure out when Daisy goes into heat...AND have it be when the vet can come out, I'd be happy.  The last few times either the Vet couldn't...or we were so busy we missed it.   Will be so nice to have a bull that is old enough and big enough to get the job done, instead of having to hopefully catch it ourselves!  ;-))


  1. Well, if he is not just pure cuteness! Deb, he's got that look in his eye. I dunno. Gotta feeling he's gonna be a gorgeous Man when he gets there!

  2. He's a very cute lil' man. :)


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