Friday, February 08, 2013

New Shirt Dryer

What is it?

Hubby went and helped one of our Amish Neighbor's the other day, take some things to the site of an upcoming Auction to the north of us. He came home with this little gadget.

Does this help?

I think it's seriously cool!! LOL The neighbor is a wood worker, and makes all kinds of things, including a really nice oak bed, that DH came home raving about.  I guess when he saw a pile of these, he thought of me and my shirts, and must have said something cause the guy gave him one!

My New Clothes Dryer!  :-))

It's perfect to hang my shirts on to dry, since I don't usually put them in the we found a place to hang it (in our bedroom, cause there wasn't a good place in the utility room/bathroom, that would let it hang down at rest...or open up wide enough when it's in use) and I was able to try it out last night, when I washed some shirts.

It worked perfectly! I am really happy with my new shirt dryer. Gotta love it when hubby "scrounges" things for ME!!! :-))


  1. That is absolutely awesome! I just LOVE the craftmanship of the Amish. I admire their willingness to stretch their minds when it comes to making something utilitarian that grounds common sense so beautifully!!

  2. what a great idea !! Love it!

  3. I've never seen (or heard of) such a thing! Awesome!


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