Saturday, February 23, 2013

For the love of birds.

The birds are out in force!

We have our finch feeder hanging right outside the window by my computer, so I can watch the birds in the morning while I check my e-mail. They love to fight over the feeder, and sit in the closest tree if the feeder is full and they don't want to fight.

The birds are out in force!

With the snow on the ground, they were out in force this morning, fighting to get a spot at the feeder. I even saw two birds sharing one spot at least once this morning, so more could be there eating. LOL

The birds are out in force!

We even had a couple cardinals sitting in the tree, although they didn't stay long enough for me to get as good a photo as I'd have liked to. It's so neat to see the bright red against the snow.

The birds are out in force!

Course the red finches are really pretty against the snow too. I do love seeing the birds in the morning, especially since I can be in the warm house and still watch them. :-))

It was really pretty out this morning, with the snow (6 inches or so of it...not as much as they SAID it could be thankfully).  We are suppose to be getting more in the next couple three days though, and while we really need the moisture, I really hope we don't get a ton of it...I'd rather get it in rain form.  Guess we will take it however though...and hope the roads aren't to bad for everyone who has to get out on them.

At the rate these birds are eating their food though, we will need to go buy them some more so we can keep the feeders full, thankfully a new month will be starting soon, so we will have a little money to be able to.   :-))

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