Monday, February 25, 2013

Chain Maille

More Chain Maille

I've loved chain maille jewelry ever since my beloved Uncle bought me a pair of chain maille earrings years ago. I don't have a lot of it, but did manage to get a bracelet a year or two ago that I love.

I decided I'd like to try and make one myself this winter, so managed to get a few things together and finally sat down to make a easy bracelet this last week. I don't think the jump rings are as "nice" as they should be, but they will work for my first few projects!

Chain maille bracelet

It's a little hard to tell from the rather poor photo above, but I like the simple style of this pattern. Hopefully I can get some better jump rings one of these days and make myself another one now that I know I can! The first photo shows the 2nd project I worked on...and I really like how it turned out too. I had more rosettes on the earrings, but they tended to fold in on themselves, so I took some of them off, cause I didn't like how they looked when they folded. Maybe one of these days I can figure out why they didn't hang straight...but till then having 4 on there will work. :-))

While I won't be doing tons of it, I think I want to get some more clasps and such, so I can do more when I get the chance!  I can only do it for short periods of time, before my hands spaze out, or my eyes start bothering me, cause of having to take my glasses off to see (yep...need to get new glasses with bifocals in them, but that will have to wait a while), but it is kinda fun to make some now and then.  Least I can keep myself in bracelets this way.  I have always loved bracelets, but I have my Mom's large boned wrists, so I haven't always been able to find ones that fit.  :-))

All in all it's been an interesting experience, learning to do a little chain maille.  I still want to learn a few other patterns, but will see if I manage to or not.  LOL  Gotta get more supplies first, before I can do to much more though.

Now though...I need to go find something for lunch, and then maybe make some cookies, if I can find room for more in the freezer.  Having our meat freezer plumb full of Venison and beef makes it hard to get as many extra baked goods in there as I like to have on hand...NOT that I'm complaining about the full freezer!  ;-))

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  1. Those are soooo pretty! It looks like you have to have a LOT of patience. I'm not so sure I'd get halfway done with one before pulling my hair out! LOL Great Job, Deb! They're awesome!


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