Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ready for Spring!

Snowy Landscape

Yes we NEED the moisture...and the snow IS pretty...but I'm SO READY for spring!!

We have so much we need to get done around here this year, (like that's anything new...even BEFORE we moved, we kept busy it seems LOL) things like getting a shop built for hubby, more fencing (that's a never ending job I've come to realize) and hopefully, if all goes well, building a side porch onto our house, so hubby doesn't have to come into the kitchen with his muck boots on. He's good at taking them off at the door (for the most part) but it would sure be nice if they were a few feet further away from my kitchen when he takes them off! LOL Course that's not the only reason I can't wait for a should house my freezers and extra fridges...not to mention a pantry area, so I don't have to go up and down the stairs when I'm needing to cook. THAT will be a huge blessing!

Snowed in

But...after having a pretty decent winter, with warm times, it seems like winter decided to hit with a vengeance. Snow has been piling up the last couple weeks (thankfully not near as much as they have had south of us). We have a foot or more on the ground now, which is nothing I know, but more than we've had all winter...and I got spoiled! LOL It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't almost March...and I wasn't wanting spring to be here SO BAD! *sigh*

Heading out to milk.

Poor hubby has to carry the milker out to the barn and back now, cause the wagon wheels don't like this much snow...and the cheap little sled we got doesn't work to well. He needs the old fashioned kind with runners I think...but we don't have one of them so far. Guess he is lucky we aren't getting as much milk as would be nice...cause if the milker was full on his trip back to the house he probably wouldn't be able to carry it that far...with his back.

Snow around the wood furnace

All I can say is thank God for our wood furnace! It's keeping the house toasty warm, (except on the few times it's REALLY COLD and Windy...then it struggles a little bit cause of our open porch area) and it's spoiling me for ever going back to just our central heat cause I wouldn't want to pay for enough propane to keep it as warm as the wood furnace does. :-)) Guess this means we can't EVER move again! HA HA!!

Last I looked it was STILL snowing, although just lightly...hopefully one of these days it decides to stop till next winter, and warm it can start GREENING up!  I'm looking forward to seeing green when I look out my windows, instead of white...or brown, if we have no snow. :-))

Come on Spring!!!  I'm impatiently waiting to watch spring break out here in North Missouri, for the first time in 22 years!  It's one of my favorite seasons...especially here among the rolling hills and gorgeous trees of  Missouri!


  1. Oh, my goodness! Y'all are getting really hit this winter! But I'd trade you all this mud for the snow. We're beyond ready for the spring season just as much as you, Hon. This winter has been exceptional in it's own obnoxious way. And that's just no way for Mother Nature to avoid finding coal in her stocking next Christmas!

    1. That's ok, I'm sure we will have plenty of mud of our own, once the snow melts! LOL This hill doesn't drain near as fast as the one we used to live on...and boy do I HATE mud! :-((

  2. I am so ready for spring this year too.


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