Friday, March 08, 2013

Vacuums HATE me!!

Vacuums hate me!

Over the years that we've been married, my hubby has learned that while I can operate most electronic's, even better than he can a lot of the time, a simple little vacuum (not sure if they are considered "electronic's" but they are I'll go with it! LOL) will get the better of me...They HATE me! I don't know how many of the things I've killed over the years, we learned right off, that buying the more expensive models didn't help...cause they too would die within a year or two of regular use. Since we learned that, we buy about the cheapest one we can find! LOL

I admit I don't vacuum as often as I SHOULD anymore...but there is a reason for that, cause the less I vacuum, the longer the stupid thing lasts! *giggle*

Once we moved to the farm in Nebraska, my vacuum started lasting a bit longer...cause most of the floors were wood or vinyl...which meant I could use my swiffer sweeper or broom, instead of the vacuum! That made me much happier about cleaning...not that I'm still real good at that, but I do manage to sweep my floors a little more often, than I vacuum. LOL

Now here in Missouri, we are back to carpet in the living room, cause we couldn't afford enough of the wood flooring to do that room too, and the dining room was more important. I still don't vacuum the living room as often as I should, but thankfully it's in the back of the house, and doesn't get as bad as it could, for as little as I've vacuumed. There are a few stain's on the carpet, but vacuuming more wouldn't have prevented them...we just shouldn't have a light colored (or any in my opinion) carpet on a farm, cause while mostly hubby is good about taking his shoes off, he does slip up sometimes...or things get spilled....and all in all, we just aren't good candidates for carpet period, but especially not a light one. One of these days I do hope to get rid of it...but it will be awhile before I can afford more wood flooring, and vinyl just wouldn't look as nice upstairs, in my opinion, right next to that fancy wood floor we installed in the dinning room.

I finally dug the hateful vacuum out of the closet today, and vacuumed the living room was past due as usual, and I figured I better get it done. I did the bigger areas of the floor, but since it's a tiny room, for a living room, there are a lot of area's where I have to use the attachments, so I can get into the tighter areas. I got them hooked up and started using them...and they would barely suck up any of the dirt. *sigh* Story of my life!

I give up easily when it comes to those hated vacuums, so went and bugged hubby, who came in and fixed it for me. The hose was plugged up, where it meets the vacuum...I didn't even know the hose would come OFF the vacuum. LOL (Yes I'm kinda blond...why do you ask?!)  Silly me, guess I should have, but it's a vacuum so I tend to just think it hates me, and wanna toss it across the room, instead of taking much time to study out the problem.  After all it's "cousin's" have spent years teaching me to hate ALL vacuums! *snicker* Guess today was a lesson in being a little more patient with them and figuring out the problem on my bad the years of abuse they've given me won't let me remember the next time something stupid like this happens.

Course who knows, maybe it's the abuse I've given them, that caused them to hate me to begin with I don't know...I just now I sure wouldn't turn down a house without a bit of carpet in it...even though it IS nice to have in a bedroom. Maybe one of these days we can at least get the carpet out of our living room! :-))

Or...maybe one of these days I'll just learn to deal better with those nasty vacuums.........NOT!! ;-))

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