Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rainy days

Lower Pond Closeup

A couple days ago, we still had quite a bit of the snow left on the ground here, but since it's been raining the last day or two it's mostly gone!!!! Just a little here and there, to show it's still winter. It's so nice to have it gone though!!!

Upper Pond

With such a dry summer last year, our ponds had gotten low...not totally dry, but we wondered if we would have any pond left, if they didn't get water in them before summer started, if it was another dry summer. As you can see, this rain, which melted all that snow we had, has really filled up our ponds! The lower one is totally full and running over...and the upper one is fuller than we've ever seen it! It will be nice to start the summer out with more water in them.

Drinkin' Daisy

The cows can even get a drink from the upper one, from the bank, instead of having to go down into the pond to find the water! It's so nice to have them full or almost full...and not have snow on the ground!

North From The Spickard Bridge

We even drove down to the river, and saw the water was running there too. It's been mostly sand bars since we moved, but now you can't see the sandbars. Course it's not up as full as I've seen it in years past, when I was growing up, but least it's up and running cause that means we've gotten some moisture for a change! Praise God for the moisture after such a dry year last year! Hopefully this year won't be quite so bad!

I know I'm sure looking forward to some sun now, so hopefully this week it actually shows up...cause the dreary days get a little much after a while. But these rainy days are nice if you can lounge, and enjoy the sound of the rain on the roof. I've always loved listening to the rain on a metal's such a soothing sound to me, probably cause of the wonderful childhood memories I have.

It is suppose to turn to snow again guess winter isn't quite over...hopefully we won't get to much though! Least it IS spring SHOULD be just around the corner...we hope! :-))


  1. Are y'all close enough to run rainwater off roof gutters down to underground pvc that would go either of the ponds? That would be a lifesaver in itself. We'll be rigging up above ground storage to get out to the far pastures this year. It's amazing how much rainwater can be recovered off tin roofs!

    1. No, but one of these days I'd LOVE to have a couple of cistern's, that the water went into...we will see if that ever happens. LOL

  2. Signs of spring make me so happy.


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