Friday, March 15, 2013

Another week bites the dust!

Starting chicken broth.

Wow, I can't believe that yet again, I've let the week go by without posting! I even had some photos I could have shared from last friday, but kept forgetting to get them off my camera. *sigh*  I try to share them tomorrow.

I started some more chicken broth from some of my Dad's old chickens yesterday. I can't remember how much I got off the last 4 chickens I did, but I'm hoping with this batch, I'll have enough to make it through the summer...since I'll be busier doing other things then, so won't want to spend time canning more broth. We will see how it goes though, I may still have to sooner than expected. LOL

We've also spent a little time at my parents the last couple days, yesterday to move some hay bales, so we could make room for more that DH and my brother were getting today, then today to unload the trailer of hay. Dad really SHOULD have more than enough now to make it till the grass is REALLY up and growing good, even if it takes it's time.

The last two days have been just beautiful it's almost up to 70! Course sadly tomorrow it's suppose to cool back off, but wow, it's sure been nice to have the warmer temps...hopefully they mean spring is almost here! :-))

Just waiting to hear the frogs...while I have no idea how well I'll be able to hear them here, since this is our first spring on our new farm, with the ponds, and a creek not to far away, one would think I'd be able to well enough. We will just have to wait and's not "spring" till the frogs sing!  ;-))

And I so can't wait till they do...I'm past ready for spring!

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  1. Weather was very nice here, yesterday, as well. I'm hoping we get a repeat. I've got a meeting with a chicken coop. LOL


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