Saturday, March 16, 2013



I remember my great-grandmothers on my Dad's side of the family. Both of my Great-grand fathers died before I was born. I don't remember any of them from my Mom's side, but I don't think they lived long enough for me to.

While they didn't have as much influence on me, as my grandparents did, I do have some fond memories of them, especially my Grandmothers mother.

I love seeing photos of me with my great-grandparents, even if I don't remember them.


I FINALLY managed to get a photo of both of my parents holding their great-granddaughter...Kali's sweet little baby. She is really growing! She is still small, about what she should have been when she was born, but least she isn't SOOOO tiny anymore!

I took these photos a week ago...but just got them off my camera yesterday.  *sigh*  Yes, I'm slipping!  LOL  Hopefully I start doing better, so maybe I can post a little more often.

If all goes well, I'll share the new addition to our farm tomorrow or the next soon as I get the photos off my camera!  LOL's not another cow, much as I'd LOVE to get one to replace Honey.  It is in fact something we've never HAD before, so don't go guessing any of the animals I've talked about having, on my blog.  ;-))

Hubby and his animals.  *roll eyes*  LOL

PS, sorry to those of you who get my blog in a reader or your e-mail...I started this post yesterday, then had to stop to drive DH and my brother to pick up the new addition (they walked her home) so pushed the wrong button and published my half done post, instead of just saving it.  So...I went and unpublished it, but not before it went through the group and onto your readers. it is again, with a little added to it!  LOL

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