Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our farm's "new" addition

The Long Walk Home
DH and my brother walking Pearl down the road.

Well, after several years of mentioning wanting to (and me laughing and saying we didn't need one) DH finally managed to bring home a horse. *sigh* To me, since we only have so much money for animal care, and only 20 acres now, I figure we should only have large animals that we can eat or least that are necessary and helpful to us. At this point, I didn't figure a horse was in the necessary and helpful category...and I certainly wouldn't eat one, they are unclean in the bible.

Are You Here To Feed Me?
Pearl peeking around the corner of the barn, when we went to get her.

I still have to wonder how he talked me into a horse! LOL Guess the ONLY reason he now has one, was cause she was free...course that also meant we had to go spend money on oats for her to eat, and some brushes to groom her with, not to mention a halter and another lead rope just for her. *sigh* Not exactly FREE...but least we didn't have to pay for all that AND a horse! LOL  Course the fact that I felt sorry for her being all alone and needing some loving care and better nutrition kinda helped me finally agree to having one.

Going To A New Home
DH and Pearl, leaving her old home, heading out for the walk to her new one.

The horses name is Pearl, and she used to belong to the Amish neighbor who moved in January. He didn't have room to take her with him, so left her here and one of the other neighbor's have been going over and feeding her several times a week...but she hasn't gotten much care beyond that. She needs cleaned up, brushed, and fattened up. They were hoping to find someone to buy her, but since they couldn't, they finally agreed to just give her to us.

She is a pure bred American Saddlebred horse, but does have a cribbing problem (which is probably why they had trouble finding her a new home)...we are hoping to address that issue, and hopefully  figure out how to make it better through better nutrition...we've read some people have had good luck that way anyway, while others haven't.  Guess we will see how it goes.

On The Driveway
Pearl and DH and my brother walking up our driveway.

Since she was only a mile or two away, DH decided to just walk her home, instead of seeing if we could load her up in the horse trailer. I suggested driving real slow, with him on the tailgate of the truck leading her, but he didn't go for that idea. Probably a good thing, cause as it turns out, she isn't shod, so needed to walk in the grass more than on the road. LOL She was eager to get out, I think she misses pulling a buggy...maybe one of these days we can afford to get one and take a peaceful drive along these beautiful country roads, with our horse...but till then she will just have to make do with stretching her legs in our pasture (since we also don't have a saddle...or really KNOW how to ride).

Ugliest Durn Cow I EVER Saw...
Daisy standing back watching Pearl finish up the Alfalfa after almost getting kicked. LOL

Our poor cows...they learned REAL QUICK who the "boss" was going to be! LOL They weren't to happy with us. DH is thinking of putting Pearl in with the boys...but she may be back and forth, so guess our "girls" will just have to get used to us having a horse now! LOL  That is, unless she becomes more trouble than she is worth, then we may have to try and find a new home for her, if that's even possible.

DH wants to find a buggy though, so if we do that we will need her to pull it now and then for a nice peaceful drive in the maybe she will grow on me enough to keep her around.

Personally...I'd love a sleigh, even though it would only be able to be used if we get enough snow to use it...but how cool would THAT be!  :-))

You can read more about bring her home, and the cows reactions on DH's blog here!

We did get her brushed out (mostly...her tail probably still needs some work, but it's better) yesterday.  I'll try to get some more photos to share of her brushed one of these days.  Till it warms up a bit more, we don't want to try and give her a bath, but least she looks a little better already!

Sights and Sounds
Pearl, looking around her new home.

Now to get her better nutrition, and some natural health care items started (Apple cider vinegar, kelp and minerals), so hopefully she will get to looking healthier.  Also, maybe with a little time, she will start looking happier, cause being an American Saddlebred, from photo's I've seen, they usually have a proud stance...and she doesn't to much right now.  DH thinks she feels abandoned...which basically she was, even if they were trying to find her a new home...she didn't have much company or care since January.  Poor baby. :-((

Yep, nothing like making me feel sorry for an animal to get me to agree to having them come live with us.  DH took me to see her the other day before I finally totally agreed to take her...does he know me or what?!  LOL we have a horse, something I grew out of wanting years ago (yep, I was one of those little girls who always wanted a horse...but it didn't last LOL).  I do love animals, and even though I grew out of actually wanting one, I have always thought that horses were really pretty.  Since DH loves animals even more than I do...and he will have the most care of it, what could I do when I found out how much she really did need a new home.

God will provide, he always has before!  :-))


  1. This looks like a genuine path of teamwork from both sides. I get a funny feeling, this was just meant to be. All of y'all have something really special coming down that road you've started walking!

  2. I am glad you were able to give her a good home where she can grow healthy and strong and happy.

  3. Yup. I'm glad you're a sucker for a pretty face - otherwise I might not be here! "8^)


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