Monday, March 18, 2013

Looking better already!

Grooming Pearl

We have brushed the mud and tangles out of Pearl's mane and some of her tail, and she already looks a lot better...or more cared for! She could of course still use a bath and some added weight,'s nice to see she is looking better already!

Grooming Pearl

She will even stand without being tied, to be brushed. The first time we had her tied, cause she wasn't used to us, or us her...and we could tell she was rather nervous, but DH was brushing her this morning without her tied, and she just stood there enjoying it.

She even looks a little happier, the way she stands, so hopefully she will get more used to being here and enjoy herself a little more, with more attention and friends...even if her friends are cows. LOL

Looking for carrots

DH is already spoiling her...cause we found out she really really LOVES carrots. She's looking to see if he is hiding any in the above photo. LOL

Hubby put her in with the "boys" this morning, after he gave them a new bale of hay, and all she did was go over to the bale and start exploring or anything while I was out there.  LOL  I was kinda hoping to see her go kicking up her heels, enjoying a little more space, but...guess I'll have to see that some other time.  She didn't even give the boys an attitude there was nothing fun to see.  LOL

So far she seems really gentle, we will see what she is like, when she gets more used to the place and us!

Now I REALLY can't wait for it to warm up and start turning green...cause then maybe she will want to venture a little further away from the hay.  LOL

Come onnnnn SPRING!!!!!

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  1. She has the sweetest face! She seems to be grieving the absence of her former owners. But I think the two of you will heal that heart of hers in no time at all!


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