Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where is spring?

Spring?  Not here!

They SAY it's spring now...but you couldn't tell it here. I don't think it got out of the 30's today, and it's not to green out there yet. *sigh*

I'm STILL waiting for spring!! Yes, rather impatiently! LOL

Pearl doesn't seem to mind it to much. We've seen her venturing out further in her pasture the last couple days. Guess she finally managed to get enough to eat so she didn't have to stay real close to the hay.

She was up talking to the neighbor's horses yesterday, and today we've seen her running around a bit. DH said the boy's get in the way, then think she is chasing them when she goes running, but she really isn't. I saw her running a little bit out the window...but was to busy to go out then, so didn't get to see it real good or get photos.  She seems happier already, and may even be starting to fill out a little better.

Pearl LOVES her carrots

She sure LOVES her carrots. DH only took one out with him this afternoon, when I finally got to go see her, and she looked for more after she ate that one. I wanted her to go running, so I could get some photos of that but she wouldn't. LOL

In other news, DH is probably going to work on fence tomorrow, even though it's going to be COLD, cause one of our Amish friends is coming to help...he's needing a little extra money right now, and while we don't have bunches, we did manage to come up with enough to hire him for a day or two...which will really help us out on getting the hay field fenced off before it DOES start greening we can keep the cows off it.  :-))

It would have been nice if it had been a bit warmer...but guess you take the help, when it's available!

That is just one of many fences that needs done around here...if we ever find the time AND the money to be able to.  LOL

I'm still canning up chicken broth...but now have a place to put it, cause DH got my large "rustic" shelves done in my soap room, so I could get all the chicken broth, beef broth, some of the empty jars and the boxes that were still packed with Utility room things in them put away so we could use the stuff, and not have it in my way for making soap or other things.

I need to get down there now and finish up putting a few other things away so I can make some salve, but I ran out of time for everything today.  I also noticed I need to make cookies AGAIN, cause one of our friends gave us some freshly ground beef from a steer they just butchered and when I send the container back to them I like to put cookies in it...and this is the 2nd time we've gotten some this month from one of our friends, which means the cookies I baked last round didn't last near as long as they usually do.  LOL  I really don't like making cookies all that much...but it's nice to have them in the freezer for a quick desert, snack, or gift.  (We just seemed to have given a lot away this last month.  LOL)  Oh well...maybe if I make them more often, I'll stop thinking it's one of the most boring deserts to make.

So, anyway, nothing major going on here...just getting ready for fencing and doing things around the house that needs done.  I can't complain about having inside stuff to do, when it's back to being kinda cool outside again!  LOL  It's nice and cozy inside, since the wood furnace is still going...I was going to have DH stop "feeding it", if it ever warmed up and stayed that way, cause using the propane heat to take the chill off would be fine...but it hasn't warmed up enough, for long enough to actually DO that.

Oh well, I guess spring will be here eventually...we just have to wait a little longer this year than we did last!  Course if that means summer won't be as hot, I can handle that!  :-))


  1. We're in the middle of a couple days with chilly 20* temps being knocked down by some wind. But we do see the green showing up, almost in some seemingly stubborn fashion. It almost feels like some of the trees and grasses are telling Mother Nature they ' don't care,' they're gonna pop, anyway!! I hope y'all are able to get your fencing finished as much as possible, as you're hoping!

  2. Anonymous5:48 PM

    You might really wonder where spring is, come Sunday. (:-))


    1. Grrr....I know, darn it! :-((


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