Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm Amazed!

Hayfield Fence

Hubby and our friend got the line of fence between the hay field and pasture done in ONE day!!! Yippee!! I was actually almost shocked! LOL

Now I wish we had the money to buy enough fencing to switch out all the electric fence AND the money to hire him to help us do it...I bet they could get it all done in a week or so, if we could! LOL As it is, it will probably take us years, just cause we can't buy that much fencing supplies all at once, especially with all the other projects we need to get done this summer.

I knew if DH had had to do it without help from a younger, more agile man, he would be at it forever...or least several days to a week or two, but with help from our new Amish friend they were able to get it done yesterday! I think that even kinda surprised hubby! LOL

With DH's bad back (even though it IS's never going to be 100% and he still has to be careful), knees and shoulders, things take him quite a bit longer than they used to...I've gotten used to this the last few years, and expect it. Even with help, I figured it would take at least two days if not when they came in and said they got it done (except for gates...which can be done as we get to them) at the end of the same day they started I was just amazed!

I wanted to give our friend a small bonus for a job well done (and done quickly), and guess DH offered him a little more money, but he wouldn't take more than the agreed upon rate. As bad as I feel about that, I'm also impressed at his integrity to stick with an agreed upon hourly rate. Not to many people I know would turn down money cause they didn't agree to it at the beginning of the job. In fact...while I'd say "no that's not necessary", if they pushed I'd probably happily take a bonus if someone offered it to me myself, so guess that doesn't say much about MY integrity.

I'm just so happy that job is off the list of things we needed to get done! I was kinda worried about how we were going to be able to accomplish it, before the grass grew, but as usual shouldn't have worried...God had it figured out!

Now if I could just stop worrying about everything, cause I know God has his own plan for our lives, but I'm a worrier and can't seem to stop myself from finding SOMETHING to worry over. LOL I do try to behave...but...I've not really reached that worry free zone yet, try as I might.

In other news...we are suppose to get another winter storm through here this weekend! *groan* We could get another 6-10 inches of snow...if the weather men are right, not that they usually are. But MAN...SNOW????! *sigh* I am SOOOO not looking forward to more snow!

It's almost April, and while yes I KNOW we've even had snow into April before, it's been a awhile, and isn't the norm around here. Besides this year I have looked forward to spring so much more than other years (I'm always looking forward to spring...just this year is worse) so WHY it has to be THIS year when the darn groundhog decided to LIE so badly I don't know! So much for an early spring...heck even if he'd have said 6 more weeks it would have been a lie, since it's been more than 6 weeks of winter since then, but least if he had said that it wouldn't have been quite so bad of a lie! *giggle*

On a funny note, I typed "Lying Groundhog" into google just now, and had to laugh. Guess this shows I don't keep up with the news, but there is lots of posts about an Ohio Lawyer who is suing the groundhog, cause he "lied" and asking for the death penalty. That's to funny, cause I'm ticked at the darn thing too! *giggle*

I think the groundhog needs to retire, and find someone else to take his spot...maybe he has dementia or something, cause he HAS to be crazy to think we were going to have an early spring...that is assuming of course, that a groundhog could predict these kinds of things and his handlers could really tell what he was saying. Ahh well, it's funny anyway, even if I know better than to REALLY believe that little furry rat.

Ok, now that I've had my laugh of the day, I better get off here. Gotta go pick up an order tomorrow in St Joe, (hour and a half away) so need to get a few more things done. Hopefully the snow holds off till we get back!

Have a great weekend out there, and stay safe and warm if you are getting this winter storm too! :-))


  1. Anonymous1:17 PM

    "*sigh* I am SOOOO not looking forward to more snow!"
    I would have thought that you wasn't, ---- what do I know. (:-))


  2. Fence looks wonderful! We just don't know what to think about this weather. I'm beginning to lose ground on hope with any fruit off the trees this year. A couple of the plum trees popped a handful of blossoms, completely, and then just... stopped. Everything seems to have stopped. Some of the wild Bradford Pear trees have bloomed. Some have put out a few blooms and gone right into leafing out. This is going to be a really, really strange year, Deb.


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