Friday, March 29, 2013

Yippee Skippy!!!

The frogs are back!!

We had to go to some Dr appointments today, and when we came home guess what I FINALLY heard down towards the pond?!!!!

It was a really NICE day today, it got up to almost 70 for a change. We came home and I got out of the car and stopped in my tracks as the sound I was hearing registered! Frogs!! They are back!!!!!

It's FINALLY spring...even if we are expecting the temps to drop again...even down into the 30's on Monday they say, since the frogs are back, I know Spring is here...or almost! Yippee!!!!!

What a wonderful day we had today. The frogs made my day, but there were other moments I enjoyed.

I had a Dr appoint myself, along with my hubby and it was the first time I'd been to this Dr, so the Doc was asking a few questions. I managed to entertain DH and say something else that he won't let me live down for a while...all while letting the Doc know what an idiot I tend to be! Guess we may as well start out being ourselves right? *giggle*

We were discussing a few things, and the question of when I got my glasses came up...or...well...I thought he meant when I first got them, but he actually meant when I got the pair I'm wearing now. Duh...when I first got them would have nothing to do with anything we were discussing...but being blond I didn't understand that so said "When I was in the 6th grade".

*snicker* The Doc looked at me like "huh?!", then DH chuckled and said the REAL answer of a couple years, laughing at me as he did. *roll eyes*

 I have NO idea where my brain goes sometimes, but it's obviously NOT with me most of the time. 6th grade....ROFL...yep, I'm REALLY frugal, and these are some OLD glasses AND even MORE amazing...they STILL fit!! :-))

Hubby looked at the Dr and said "It has something to do with hair color." Like that's all it really needed as an explanation as to why his wife was an idiot. Sadly...I guess that WAS all it needed. *sigh* ROFL

The Doc decided to move on, but I swear I saw him trying to NOT a tiny smirk came and went on his face. He was GOOD though, and didn't let it out to play, and moved on to something else. He probably had a good chuckle at his newest patient, when I left. DH didn't let me forget it, as  we walked out into the lobby he said quietly, with a not so subtle smirk on HIS face and laughter in his voice..."When I was in 6th grade".

Needless to say that set me off, especially since I had more time then to think about it, without being interrupted by the I started laughing at it myself, and couldn't stop. It may of been one of those "you had to be there times" for it to be as funny as I found it, but I had tears rolling as we drove away from the clinic. LOL

I've STILL got it...that entertaining DH thing I've held onto over the years. The times I totally embarrass myself, and show how stupid I can be may be fewer and further between than they used to be (sometimes)...but they aren't really gone, just hiding looking for a good chance to come out and play. Ah well...gotta enjoy a hardy laugh, and I had one today. :-))


We had to find something to eat before heading home, so stopped at Taco Bell. DH went up and got me 4 random packets of mild sauce (cause I can't handle anything hotter LOL) and I looked at the little sayings they had on them when he handed them to me.

 I handed one back to him that said "Will you marry me?" on it.  He saw it, and said "Oh, I forgot they had sayings on them, and preceded to look at the rest of them.  He then handed me one that said "I'm up for it if you are" and then one that said "You have chosen wisely".  LOL  Maybe a silly moment...but it was also an "Ahhh" moment, knowing he would marry me all over again...stupidity and all!  :-))

I had to grab a photo of the three packets with my cell phone, since I didn't have my camera in there with me.  The glare makes it a little hard to read some, but it's a memory of an Ahhh moment so that's ok.

While I would RATHER have been home all day, enjoying the warm temps and sound of the frogs, it was still a nice day of being together.  We made it home in time to load up Honey's boy, who we have been trying to wean, but who has been getting back in with Daisy to nurse (the darn electric fence didn't slow him down once he figured out he could have "mamma" time again...soooo wish we could afford more REAL fence, to get rid of ALL the electric fence, so we didn't have this problem) and take him over to my parents house.

Course we had to hurry home so DH could milk, and I could get supper, but least we got that done and saw my parents for a little bit.  I did notice the frogs weren't singing over at their house...and several ponds and creeks in between was a hit and miss affair, so guess only some of them have "woke up" so far...but I'm sure happy that they decided to at OUR house!  LOL  I've been waiting forever it seems to hear the spring frogs here at our new home.

Tomorrow it's suppose to rain...and as I mentioned, Monday the temp isn't suppose to get out of the 30's...but hopefully we can enjoy the sound of the frogs some more, sometime in the next week or so, not to mention watching our "world" turn green again, now that spring is here!  :-))


  1. I love those special little moments when dh and I laugh together, or when we get talking we lose track of time.

  2. Joe and I were always making my OB laugh, back in the day. *lol* That was always fun, and one of his nurses told us that he always really liked Joe and I. *lol*

    I am LOVING that spring is finally here!


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