Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Special Order Basket

New Potato Bin

DH and I went and picked up another basket yesterday...ok, I actually brought home two, the one pictured and another rectangle one. LOL I'm on a basket kick, and can't stop buying them if I can come up with a little extra money!

The one pictured above however, was one I special ordered a month or so ago (took a while to get finished, cause he was out of the leather to use for hanging it...and the guy he was getting it from was slow at getting it to him).

A month and a half to two months ago, I was doing something around where my potato's hung, and bumped the cheap piece of junk (which you can see in a couple of the photos of my dinning room post  here) that they hung in, so it decided to fall apart on me, and dump all the potato' onto the counter and floor. Naturally I had JUST opened a new 10 pound bag of potato's and filled it up, so I had them EVERYWHERE. LOL I managed to put the thing back together, but that was the last straw with it, and I knew I HAD to find something else to use...but still have them able to breathe so hopefully they wouldn't rot on me.

I didn't mind that cheap metal mesh basket when I had it hanging in my pantry in Tecumseh, but I couldn't see it unless I went into the it didn't bother me. Here it's out in the open, hanging just behind the cupboard we added to the kitchen...and since it's actually IN the dinning room, I really hated having to look at the potato's sitting in that metal basket. It bothered me so much, it took forever for me to finally break down and hang it there, I kept hoping to figure out another place for it...but finally had to put it there, cause there just wasn't anywhere else for it.

When it fell apart on me, somehow the idea of asking if the people we have been buying baskets from would be able to make something to replace it popped into my head. Yeah, why didn't I think of that SOONER! LOL I had DH go ask, and told him to tell them I wanted holes in the board in the bottom of the basket too, so they could breathe better.

I'm so thrilled with my new potato's so much nicer to look at and it seems much classier than that other thing I was using, which is great since it's in my dinning room. It even hides the potato's if I don't have to many in it, and yet they can still breathe.

Now I need to come up with a little more money...cause I already know of a couple other baskets I need...and would like a few extra sitting around for when I figure out I need one for something else! LOL That will have to wait though I guess...cause we have to save money the next couple months for next winter's hay...but after that maybe I can come up with a few MORE baskets! :-))

In other IS starting to green up a little!  There is actually some green grass showing it's face, not to mention some daffy's and tulips growing (Not flowering yet...but hey, least the green is showing)!!

Loving the warmer temps, especially since it's also bringing more cream with it!  I'm making butter a little more often, and actually have managed to put a pound or two into the freezer, instead of using it all!  Course getting the new cow really helped there, cause of the extra milk.  Hopefully before they all decide to dry up on me, I can get a lot of butter into the freezer and ghee made...we will see how that goes though.

We got to celebrate Passover and the start of Unleavened bread with my parents for the FIRST time since we got married!  I had to laugh cause until a week or two ago we hadn't even thought about the fact that we could do it together, we were all so used to doing it by ourselves.  I all of a sudden remembered, and called up Mom to ask if they wanted to come over (or us go there).  She hadn't though of it either, so we made plans to do it at our house. Guess we STILL haven't gotten used to living this close to them.  LOL

Anyway, better get off here, seem to be busy this week AGAIN.  LOL  Hopefully I can go out and enjoy the warmer temps in the afternoons too...but have some things to do inside so will see.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  :-))

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  1. I love the basket too! I always wanted a tiered hanging basket like that. So cool!


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