Friday, April 05, 2013

New Chicks!

New chicks!

We got some new chicks in this morning...expected them yesterday but they were two days getting here instead of overnight. We actually ordered them in February, but didn't want them till now, as we figured it would be warmer.

They are always so cute at this stage!

New chicks!

They are also really noisy! LOL I went out to the chicken house after DH took them out to their new home and before I even got to the gate to the chicken yard I could hear the new baby peeps...quite well, not just faintly. LOL

Now to see how many we can raise up...if they ALL make it, we could be over run with chickens!  Guess then I wouldn't have to steal Dad's chickens when I want to make more broth!  :-))


  1. Ohhhh, I gotta feelin' you're gonna have your hands plum full this year! LOL

  2. They are so very cute!


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