Tuesday, April 23, 2013


White Stuff?

No wonder the grass is slow growing this spring! It's snowing yet AGAIN!  See those white streaks in the photo above?  Probably won't get to much...but any is to much at THIS point!

White Stuff?

For crying out loud...it's almost MAY!!

While I realize it can STILL be cool, and even snow, it's not SUPPOSE to! (In MY opinion.)  LOL

It's SUPPOSE to be spring, which means things are coming alive again, grass is growing, trees are getting their leaves, birds are singing as well as the frogs. The baby animals are dancing in the pastures, beside their mom's, as their Mom's savor the wonderful fresh nutritious green grass...oh wait, not this year. This year, we are feeding hay later, waiting for the grass to get long enough to let the animals out on it, and our fruit trees are blooming...and freezing, so there won't be any fruit.

It's been to wet to get the garden prepared...let along get any of the cold weather crops in. Course had we gotten some of it done last fall, we wouldn't be as far behind, but our tiller needed work, so we didn't get it done. Not that we LIKE gardening...which doesn't help. LOL I do like canning though...so I need to get going on it.

The furnace keeps kicking on, using propane, since we let the wood furnace go out cause it was warming up...we thought.  I sure hate to have to buy to much more propane this year...I'm sure it won't be as cheap as we got it last year, when they were having price wars in town.

The good news is...so far, it does look like next week is suppose to be warmer!  We will see how it is, when it gets here.  *sigh*

Ok, end of rant...gotta go make some cheese.  LOL  Just had to complain a little, cause I'm SO READY for a warmer, dryer week or so!  :-))


  1. BRR!!! I feel for everyone experiencing more of that icky cold white stuff. I love to visit it but I am sure glad when it goes away. Hope the temps get warmer for you soon!!

    Sarah & the Weens

  2. Dwayne and I were floored when we saw the snow heading y'all's way! Unbelievable! I would be livid! We've got the green going on. But you sure can see a difference in the behavior of all things around here. Our fig tree took a hit from another frost that we weren't expecting. And this weather has thrown hammers left and right into our chances for getting anything done around here, as well. This round of days off was the first we've been able to get anything done, Hon. Hang in there. If nothing else.. might wanna improvise some cold frames.

  3. Hope you get your warm weather soon!



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