Sunday, April 21, 2013

Grass is slowly growing!

Wishing and dreaming...

We haven't had to mow yet, but there are some around that have. Course their lawn is probably in way better shape than ours is. Ours IS growing slowly though, and the grass in the pasture is too. I do wish it would grow faster, but guess it kinda needs to be warmer longer for it to do that.

We were out walking through one of the pastures this afternoon, and our cows and the horse were watching us, wishing we would open the gate and let THEM into that pasture. LOL It has more grass than the one they are in now, but we are keeping them off it for a little longer, trying to give it more time to grow first.

We have plenty of hay out there for them, but it's just not as good as fresh green grass!! :-))

Wishing and dreaming...

We've had a visitor for the past month. The bull standing next to Pearl above has been staying with our "girls" so hopefully they will give us a calf in a few months. The timing isn't the best, as it would put them in the middle of winter for calving...but hopefully one of these days we can get the timing down so they calve in spring...things just didn't work out to do it that way this time (again).

I have no idea if he has been THAT interested in any of them...haven't been able to watch much, but hopefully he or our little one got the job done. :-))

This bull has really changed my mind about having a bull. Sadly not all are like him, because while I'd never trust him fully (or any of our animals) he really is laid back and docile. Course he has a ring in his nose, with a chain hanging down from it...and he's learned that that chain wins every time...but hey, whatever works! I LOVE a bull that isn't aggressive! LOL We are seriously considering having a ring put into our young bull's nose, when he gets a bit older maybe he will be a little safer to have around. I've been worried about having a bull...but if we can end up with one that behaves himself, I won't mind it at all! :-))

Some of the trees (fruit and willow) have started greening up, but most of the trees are still bare here.  I'm looking forward to them greening up too, but am enjoying the green grass and the sounds of spring/summer for now!  Loving the birds singing and the frogs.  The night sounds are more beautiful here I think, I had forgotten about that.

Today was a beautiful day, even if it was a little windy.  Praise God for a beautiful day between the rain showers!  :-))

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  1. Bulls scare me too. I don't want my kids anywhere near the one at the farm, when they go to visit.


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