Thursday, April 18, 2013

We aren't Dry any longer!

Enough rain for now!

Last year when we moved, it was a REALLY dry year, we didn't have much rain at all and it was a lot hotter than usual too. So far, this spring is looking to be a lot wetter. We got 3 and a half inches of rain yesterday and last night...and we have flooding around us. DH said that north of us, up in Iowa they got 6-8 no wonder the rivers are flooding here.

We can actually SEE the water in the river from our house, and that's not something we could do last summer.  Both of our ponds are full now too, which is always nice.

Enough rain for now!

We drove down to the bridge over the river, to see what it looked like this afternoon, and it was rushing along, higher than I've seen it for a while. (course that's not really saying much, since I've been gone for years till last year. LOL)

Last year you could see sand bars all year I think, but they are all under water now!

Enough rain for now!

The water, on the south side of the bridge looks to be rushing along even faster...but it narrows there, so that's probably why.

Needless to say, we aren't dry here any longer...and I'm kinda wishing it would stop raining, and dry out for a little bit...cause DH is needing to get his workshop built, and it's going to be hard to do in the mud! LOL He's expecting a friend to come help in a couple weeks it would sure be nice if they actually COULD get a lot done on it, while he is here. I'm really trying not to complain about the rain, since we were SO dry last year...but it's starting to be hard not to! LOL

We have so much we need to do...and we can't, if it won't dry out a little!!  I don't want the rain to go away completely...we don't need it to be another dry year like last year...but a small break would be nice!

The temps are staying down too, we count our blessings if it gets above 60, but after such a HOT summer last year, I'm not really complaining to much about that, cause I do much better with it cooler, than hot.  LOL  I'd just really like to be able to get out and enjoy spring, instead of being thankful to stay in on these dreary rainy days.  Strangely enough, even with the rain and dreariness  this week seems to be flying by...not sure where the days have gone, but I've not got near enough done!  Guess I should get back at it!  LOL


  1. We barely made it with the Dogwoods beginning to bloom, while already in the middle of the Dogwood Arts Festival that spreads all over the Counties of Knox, Blount and Loudon. Even the Redbuds waited until after the Dogwoods. This weather has become so unpredictable and unsettling. But I'm happy for all the moisture y'all are receiving! I'll keep my fingers crossed for timing to work out in your favor when help arrives for all that construction!

  2. We're having a dryer than normal spring. While I am REALLY enjoying the sunshine and the warm temps, I worry about the lack of rain. I wonder if we'll have enough water this summer.


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