Thursday, April 11, 2013

Growing baby!


We don't get to see our newest little great-niece very much, even with her only living three miles away from us, but Mom and I happened to see her and her beautiful mother in the store when we stopped for a few things on our way home from the big bad city with my Dad.

I had my camera in my purse, so snatched it to grab a quick photo, since I haven't been able to take one for a while, with not seeing her. She kept her attention on the musical toy her Mom has strapped to her car seat, but it was cute how focused she was on it. She is growing and her car seat doesn't look like its way to big for her now!

We couldn't stand around and try and chat very long, cause my Dad was laying down in the back seat of the car and needed to get home as soon as possible but it was nice to see her anyway!

I had hoped to see my newest niece a little more often (not to mention her mother), so I could end up taking better photos of her...but will make do with whatever I have, if I ever manage to make her a book of photos as she gets older. Hopefully one of these days I can come up with one I really like, so I can hang one on the wall...While I will treasure any photo's given to me by my niece, I really prefer ones I've taken myself now, for my wall (and especially for my books)...but we will see how long it is, before I manage to get one I've taken up there on my wall with the rest of my family photos.

Her parents seem to be even busier than we are between their work and play. I try not to bother them to much, cause I never know when they are home, or when they are having quality time together which I know is really important, especially for a young married couple. My beautiful niece's happiness is more important than me seeing I try to avoid bothering them to much and cutting in on the small amount of time that she can spend alone with her hubby and sweet new baby. She has enough other family bugging them all the time, she doesn't need me.

Least that's what I try and tell myself, when I'm wishing I could see her more. LOL

Anyway, this is why I don't share to many photos of her on my blog (cause I just haven't been able to take any)...and why when I have some they aren't usually "great" ones. I have to have time to take more than a few photos, to come up with some good candid ones...and time is something I never seem to have enough of...with her and her mother, or for anything else it seems.

Thankfully my life is full of other things, so I manage to not break down and bug them to much and with God's help, am thankful for the times I do see them.


  1. Growing so much and so fast! I guess all that ' adorable ' is just gonna stick with that little Princess!

  2. She is SUCH a beautiful baby! I would want to see her more too. :D


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