Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Flowers and the City

New Daffies!

There I was...driving my Dad to his surgery appointment yesterday morning, through early rush hour traffic in the big bad city (Ok, the traffic wasn't to bad yet, compared to what it can be later in the rush hour on the freeways of Kansas City...but it wasn't good, compared to the country traffic I prefer! LOL) when my phone tells me I have a new text message. No way can I check a text while I'm driving, especially in the traffic, so I ignore it, then forget about it completely. LOL

Once I get settled in the waiting room, I remembered I got a text, so pull my phone out and look at the screen...First I see there is a photo with a message under it that said "Good Morning Dear!" from my sweet hubby (Mom, Dad & I had spent the night in a hotel so we didn't have to get up quite as early to head to the city the morning of his surgery)...then I scroll up a little to see the complete photo and gasp...he sent me a photo of my daffodils blooming! He planted them for me last fall, and I hadn't realized they were so close to blooming, last I looked, the green leaves were still short!

Mom asked "what?" so I show her, and said "I'm missing my Daffys!"  LOL  Dad assured me they would still be blooming when I got home.  He was right, I grabbed a photo of them between rain showers this morning.  Kinda lonely looking, cause they aren't in clumps yet, but still nice to see!  We have flowers here on our Hillbilly farm now!!

Between when we left, Monday morning and when we got back last night, it sure greened up around here!  It's hard to believe how much it can change just overnight!  It's so pretty out there now...once the trees green up it will be downright beautiful!

My Dad's surgery went just fine, and they let him out the same day!  I was praying hard that they would, cause I sure didn't want to spend ANOTHER night in the big city if at all possible, not to mention that meant things went well and there didn't seem to be any complications, which is good!  He is home resting now...and starting the process of recovering.  He's not one to go to doctors, so it's been a different, not to pleasant, experience for him, but sometimes ya just gotta.

DH is doing Dad's farm chores now, even if Dad felt like being up and around, he won't be able to do much lifting for a little while, so it's nice we are close enough to help him out for a change!  It's really shaping up to be a busy spring/summer!  :-))

Now we wait to see what other flowers manage to bloom that we planted last fall.  DH planted a few roses this spring already, hopefully they take off...but I'm totally bummed that the old fashioned roses we brought with us don't look like they made it.  I've moved them with us everywhere since the first REAL home we had after we got married.  Guess the drought last year didn't let them make this move...even though they were watered from time to time.  I called those roses my "Kansas rose" cause they were moved from that farm we rented in Kansas after we got married...and were the ONE thing I wanted to survive the most, plant wise anyway, that we moved.  *sigh*

Makes me wonder if the parent rose bush is still there beside the garage in bad it's to far away to go see!  It breaks my heart to think that I'll never see the wonderful pink blooms it would be covered with in the spring, as well as the fabulous sweet scent they gave off.  It was "my" first rose bush...and made me fall completely in love with roses.  There are worse things that could have happened though, so I'm grateful for what did survive, and grateful for being here now so we can hopefully be of more help to my parents.

After a trip to the city, and especially after having to spend the night there, I am always so grateful I don't live there any longer!  Praise God I'm a country girl!!  The further I got from the city on our drive back home, the more relaxed and soothed I felt.   Life is good...when you are blessed enough to live in the country!  :-))

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  1. Bummer about the rose. I would be sad too!


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