Wednesday, May 15, 2013

And so it starts...

Garden time

...the most horrible job of the summer that is. *sigh* We BOTH soooo hate to garden...sadly we love to eat, and I prefer to can my own food as much as possible, so that means growing a garden. LOL

DH got the garden tilled, so we finally got some stuff planted in it this morning. We put out plastic, where the tomato's and peppers will go, that way we knew what was left, so we could plant the rows of beats, okra, broccoli and a new thing I'm trying this year...celery. I have no idea if any of it will grow...some of the seed was at least a year old, which would make it even more behind the 8 ball than usual...cause after all I touched it, so it's chances of growing diminished just with that fact! LOL Since we didn't get around to planting some of what I bought for last year, I decided to try it this year and not get new. I know seeds are suppose to last longer than a year...but I don't probably store them in the optimal place, so who knows.

Anyway, least we finally got some of the stuff planted...I realize some of it could have been before now, but with it being so wet, we couldn't get the garden tilled...not to mention the snow just kept showing up so I'm kinda glad I didn't sooner.

Hopefully we can get a chicken fence up so the chickens don't eat our hard work this year.  If we can't keep them out, I'll probably give up on the garden, and let the weeds take over...I'm not going to go keep it weed free just so they can have all the goodies!   I had hoped to have the fence up by now...but that didn't happen either.  Guess hubby will have his hands full over the next few days (if it doesn't rain to much) trying to get it done...just hope they don't go dig up the seeds, we just planted!

*sigh*  So much to little time!

It's been HOT here the last two days...well yesterday especially, it was up into the 90's.  I'm just counting my blessings it wasn't 100 like I heard it was in parts of Nebraska!  LOL  Thankfully it's suppose to cool back down a little and rain over the next few days, so I've not given in and turned the air  on yet...I always try and see how close to June I can get before doing so, so the larger electric bills don't start way to soon.

It's been really nice having the windows open though, for all that fresh air!  Love it!!  I'm not sure what I've managed to accomplish this week, besides the garden...just basic household chores I think.

We have been enjoying strawberries this last week or so...not sure when the last time was we had some that tasted as good as these have this year.  Sadly they aren't home grown, but they are STILL quite yummy!  I do LOVE strawberry does Autumn!  LOL  The berries are so sweet this sugar needed, although I did do one batch of homemade shortcake, cause it's just to die for, especially with our fresh Jersey cream to whip up and use on it!

All in all, except for the heat and gardening, it's been a BERRY nice week so far!!!  ;-))


  1. I feel your pain. We've been buried in tasks here at our place, as well. It took doing stretches this morning... just to get out of bed! LOL Hopefully, I can get a post in on Saturday!

  2. I don't know anything about vegetable gardens... But I am sure yours will do great. :)


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