Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lilacs and Mothers Day

We have lilacs!

Our lilacs are blooming...just in time for Mothers day! Happy Mothers day to my wonderful mother!!

Lilacs have always been a favorite of the spring flowers for me, so I'm thrilled we have some here on this farm already...although we will hopefully be planting more eventually!  LOL

I'm still laughing about the fact that we didn't know we had them till this spring...AND the fact that we had decided those two little bushes were expendable last year, and even drove over them a few times when we were moving.  I don't think these are the old fashioned lilacs, but hey...least we HAVE lilacs of some kind, till we can get the REALLY good ones!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL mothers day MOM!!  I LOVE you!!!  Oh and thanks for bringing me some of your lilac flowers last night, they sure made the house smell good!  YOU have the good kind!  :-))


  1. Thank you and I'm glad I had the Lilacs I could give you (even though you found you had some, LOL).


  2. Wow! They must be pretty hardy if they survived being driven over! *lol* ... They sure are pretty. I have always loved lilacs. :)


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