Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shasta is home!!!

Pretty Girl Shasta!!

A couple days ago DH went over to my parents farm, and loaded up Shasta to bring her home. She's been away from her Mother for 6 months or so, so we were hoping she would be weaned by now...besides they don't have enough grass for her, our bull AND their own animals. It was time for her to come home anyway, so DH can start working with her and get her ready to be a family milk cow in another year or so!

She is such a pretty little girl (except for those darn horns than I wish weren't there...but the paste didn't work on them so there they are), I just love the shade of brown/red that she is...and the white on her face! I had to go out to get some photos of her yesterday, since the cows were taking a siesta in the barn yard.

Pearl coming for attention.

I walk towards the gate, and Pearl comes up wanting some attention. I pet her some then lean around her to try for a photo of just Shasta. Just before I push the button down, the lens turns dark...and I stop and look up saying "Hey!" to Pearl. Darn horse, didn't want me taking photos of anyone but HER!! LOL

I'm who you SHOULD be taking a photo of!

I zoom back out as wide as I can, and snap one of her again...even though I'm really to close to get a good photo. Then I tell her to be good and let me get one of Shasta. LOL

Pretty Girl Shasta!!

Pearl finally lets me get a couple of our pretty little Shasta. Shasta wouldn't come up to the gate though, not sure if it's cause Pearl was there or cause she wasn't sure about me.

Thats enough!

Then my lens went dark I zoom out and this is what I see. A nosey horse who wants ALL the attention, standing between me and Shasta.

Carrot time!

Course then DH walks up with some carrots and she forgets all about me! Go figure!

 Darn fickle Horse!! LOL

Ah's so good to have my pretty Shasta home again.  She's "my" baby...cause her Mother was my birthday gift three years ago!!  (But shhhh....that doesn't mean I'm the one to train her and milk her...that's hubby's job since he wanted cows, I will just claim her...least as long as she is nice!  *giggle*)  ;-))


  1. She is just so pretty, Deb! Who knows about the horns. She just may be curious enough about her world to never even find out they exist. LOL!

  2. You can put something on horns to make them not grow?! ... I always wondered why some had them and others didn't...

    Yes... I am a city girl! *rofl*


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