Friday, May 10, 2013

Amish Pickup

Amish Pickup

One of our neighbor's felt he owed us more time helping on the shed, cause of DH helping him out, so he came back over on Monday and helped DH put in the floor joists in the lean to of the shed. DH wants a real floor in there, as that will be his wood work shop.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of his little buggy, I call it an "amish pickup", as it's got a cargo spot behind where they sit.  I thought it was really cute!  LOL  DH said they call it a "hack"...just so you know the REAL name of it.  LOL

Floor Joists

Anyway...they got the floor joists done, I can't wait till we can get something for flooring...cause then this spot will be usable, and the big horse trailer can be unloaded finally!! It's past time that stuff got out of the's been in there almost a year now. LOL

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  1. LOVE the buggy! :D ... And the shop is really coming along nicely!


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