Thursday, May 09, 2013

Shop revisited

Working on the shed

Before Kirk left Sunday afternoon, he went out and did some more on the shed!! I didn't think he would, since it WAS Sunday...but am thankful he did.

They got the rest of the roof on, and the gable ends finished up, as well as a little bit of the trim that needed put on. DH has to get a little more of that, and do the doors, but he can do that himself hopefully.

All in all, getting this whole thing up on one week is still amazing to me!! It's so nice to see such hard workers, cause a lot of the time I don't see that in the younger generations these days...but maybe that's just me.

What a blessing!

Kirk really was such a blessing to us, and we thank him AND God for his help!!

There is just inside work, doors, a few pieces of metal and some trim left! DH can piddle around on that himself for the most part I think. So good that that project is so far along already cause we have a lot left to do, if we can afford to, this summer! :-))

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  1. It's really looking great! What a nice friend you have! :)


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