Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Lovin the fresh green grass!

Pearl enjoying the green grass!

Sunday DH put our cows and Pearl out onto the fresh green grass...they are loving it! Pearl went into the orchard for a little bit, till she figured out she was alone, then she put up a fuss so hubby took her around to where the cows were.

The cows were loving being out on the growing grass so much, the girls didn't want to come in to be milked Monday morning...they were all kinds of trouble, till they got scolded, then Daisy went meekly in and waited by the barn, till we rounded up Button. They must have figured out they were going to be let back out, cause Tuesday morning they didn't fight breakfast time. LOL

They do LOVE being out in the growing pasture! :-))

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  1. It's cute that the horse didn't want to be alone. :)


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