Saturday, May 04, 2013

Another quick update!

Shop revisited

Work on DH's shop got stalled out yesterday, when the batteries for their drills ran down, and couldn't be recharged because the electricity was out. They did manage to get the lean to roof on, and one side of the roof on the larger part of the shed mostly on...course it blends into the sky, so it's kinda hard to see in this photo. LOL

Not sure if they will get any more done on it this weekend, before Kirk has to leave or not, but least it's a lot further along that it would have been, had DH been the only one working on it.   They are off having fun at an auction now...after a hard weeks work, it's good they can take a day off for fun!

I think we really need to find money for a generator, so we have some kind of a backup should this happen again...but that will have to get in line with several other things we need to buy, so it could be a while.  LOL

The good news is, MOST of the snow is already gone!!!  Just a spot of white here and there in the yard, otherwise, it's all puddles of water, or soaked in to the ground.  Gotta love how quickly late snowfalls disappear   :-))

Hopefully the grass will grow a LOT in the next few days, as the cows (and Pearl) will really need to get out on it soon!

Also...since there are still a lot of people around here without power, hopefully they find the problem area's soon, and can get them back up and running.  My parents and brother are still without power, but my brother got a couple generator's yesterday, so they could keep their food from spoiling in the fridge and freezer...other than that, they do fine without electricity, since they both have wood heat...other people may not be so lucky.

Have a great weekend!  I'm enjoying watching the snow melt, the birds scarf down the food in the feeders, and looking out and seeing the green world once again!  :-))

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  1. Hope it keeps getting warmer!


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