Friday, May 03, 2013

Never Ending Winter

May Snowstorm

The grass is long and shaggy, needing cut but you couldn't tell that when we woke up this morning! It was hiding beneath 5 inches of that nasty white stuff! It still is mostly, although since the snow finally stopped, there was a little bit of melting going on this afternoon, so there are a few patches of green showing up here and there.

May Snowstorm

It seems it's winter once again here on this hillbilly farm. Our cows are wondering why they shed their winter coat while they munch down our LAST big bale of hay and try to stay warm.

May Snowstorm

Under the trees we could still see the green grass, and it sure looked odd seeing that beautiful green with the snow, instead of the usual brown.

May Snowstorm

It really can be beautiful, having everything covered with snow...but with it being May, and us trying to work on the shed, it kinda didn't seem as beautiful as it might have. It slowed the guys down a lot, and since it also knocked the power out here for 12 hours, brought them to a complete stop, once their batteries ran down on their drills...cause you just can't put the screws in to hold the metal with a screwdriver...well, least not easily! LOL I don't mind being without power sometimes, but today it was kinda hard to be patient about it.

So...needless to say the shed isn't done, like would have been nice, now that Friday is almost over.  But...God will get it done, somehow.

Hopefully this really IS winter's LAST gasp, for the season...and spring can get on with it!  We need to get our animals out onto the grass SOON, or find another bale of hay somewhere!  :-))

Least we did finally get our power back this evening, after not having it for 12 hours!  There are some who still don't have I'm counting my blessings, although I was prepared to enjoy an evening of using our oil lamps, which could have been kinda fun.  It's nice to have the electricity back so the food stays cold in the fridge and freezers.

Tomorrow it's suppose to get back up into the 50's, so hopefully a lot of this white stuff will melt!!

It could be worse...according to Kirk, Minnesota got a foot of fresh snow...sure glad we didn't!  ;-))

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  1. It's hard to believe how many people are getting snow! It's insane! ... And here we are, buying a new pool for the girls! *lol*

    LOVE the top photo though!!!!


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