Thursday, May 02, 2013

Quick Shop Update

Starting on the metal

Yesterday DH's shop got the metal on the two long sides as well as the top trim...and a couple small windows. The metal for the sides, is some used metal DH found, that he was able to get cheaper than the new metal was. That's always nice, cause we don't have lots of money for our projects, so need to do them as cheaply as possible! :))

They also got the lean to started before they quite for the night...the holes were drilled for the posts, and a couple were put in.

The temps dropped a LOT during the day yesterday, so that now today, while it's not quite freezing out there the wind chill makes it feel like it is. We are getting rain now and then, with more well as that nasty snow! Yes, snow...been a LONG while since we've seen it snow in may! I could have done without it this year for sure! LOL

Today they are working on getting the lean to finished...think they have to put a couple windows in it, and then may be about ready to work on putting the metal on it. One of our Amish neighbor's just got here to help for a few hours, so maybe today will see a good portion of the lean to and back wall of the big part of the shed done. Course it depends on the weather...if another rain shower comes thorough it could slow them down. It's cold out there, but it has to be done, tomorrow is the last day to work on it, with Kirk's help I think, as they are going to an auction on Saturday and he has to get home so he can go back to work on Monday!

We will see if they manage to get the roof on or not before Kirk has to leave...sure would be nice but...I just don't know what to think on that one. It's going a lot faster than the barn did last year, but completing the whole shed still seems like a lot to get done in 5 days. Guess we will know by tomorrow evening what will be left for DH to finish.  I do know it would have taken him forever to do it all by we are both so thankful for the help!!  It's amazing what can be done when God blesses you with helpful friends!  :-))

I know DH will sure be glad to get a break, he's happy to have it, (the shed) but it's about killing him to get it I think!  LOL

I'll try to do an update this weekend, so you know what all did manage to get finished!  I'll have most of Saturday to myself, while they are at the auction, so should be able to get some photos and do an update...unless something comes up so I'm busier than I think I will be.  Stay warm, for those of you who are having yet ANOTHER visit from winter!

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  1. Looking good! ... Will you be adding a floor?


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