Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Galen's Shop

Trees are greening up!!

It's been a beautiful week so far, here in north central Missouri. It's been warm (almost TO warm) and sunny, and the trees have started showing they are greening up along the creek! It's also been a really busy week here, with lots of pounding and the sounds of a saw from time to time, mixed in with the normal farm sounds of chickens, cows and other wild life.

DH's friend, Kirk, came over from Nebraska on Sunday, to spend the week helping DH get his shop built. It's been almost a year since DH has had a shop of any kind. He has had to make do with using the barn, an old lean to shed, or just do things out in the open...with MOST of his tools still being stored in the cattle trailer we moved them over here in. He's had to fight to do some things, since he can't find all his tools till he unloads that trailer, which he couldn't do till he had his shop built.

Setting posts for Galen's "Shop"

Monday, they got the holes drilled for the poles, got them tamped in, and some of the boards up to hold them together (I'm not a builder, so can't say what they are really called...sorry!) LOL They had to fight to get a stump out, before they could get started, but finally with the advise of a neighbor (who was here cause his cows decided to visit us again) they got it out so they could get on with building the shed.

Setting posts for Galen's "Shop"

They work well together, this wonderful Man of mine, and his friend. Course with DH's bad back (even with the back surgery, he has to be careful and can't do everything he used to be able to do) his friend had to carry a heavier load, but he is younger so still able to do it. LOL

Galen's new shop!

By the end of the 2nd day of work, the shed looked like this! This morning (Wed) they are working on getting the nailers on the south side of the roof...and then will be ready to start putting tin up I think! They are trying to get as much done as possible, because rain is forecast to start, if they could get this main part done, they need to put a lean to on the back of the shed, for DH's wood shop, so they still have plenty to do and it's already wed! LOL Thankfully the lean to, won't be quite as hard for DH to do himself, if he has to.

Sure would be nice if the rain would hold off for most of the rest of the week! With God's help though, they will get done what they need to. :-))

Working together gets things done.

With Kirk doing most of the high work, and DH helping from the ground I've not been as much of a wreck as I could have been, had DH been up in the air. Kirk is younger and able to move around better, so is safer being the one on the roof. I'm sure DH is STILL doing more than he should...but what are you going to do, when things need done and we can't afford to hire it done.

Praise God for this wonderful friend!

All in all, I think they have really done a great job so far! I know DH AND I are grateful to God for Kirk's help. We can never repay this young man's wonderful friendship and all the help he has given us over the last few years.

I've been busy in the kitchen, keeping them fed...when I wasn't off shopping with my Mom since our stupid microwave decided to stop working (we just got it last month had to return it for another one).  Seems things like that always have to happen with "company" here!  LOL  I would love to just get rid of the microwave, IS handy and hubby wants it around, so I've not phased it out yet.  Just think of the extra counter space I'd have without it though!  LOL

I've also been able to have the windows open more the last few days, which is sure nice!  Love hearing the birds sing and get that fresh air inside!

I better get back to work though...just thought I'd finally get a post done about the new shed that is going up!  Will try to update how it's going before the end of the week.  :-))


  1. Happy, Happy, Happy! Glad he's finally getting his spot set in for all the projects! I know what that feels like, to have stuff packed that you need to use for constructing the building you need for storing it all inside! Odd, huh! Glad to see things greening up around your place, too! It may be much wetter this year. But then, just think of the lasting color all the rain will bring. Hopefully, the fruit trees will hang in there and double up on their yields!

  2. Teresa Paxton11:16 AM

    I hope that they got a lot done yesterday. Since the rain hit us last night. I live in Kansas City area and you just north of us some where. I think your up and a bit east of where my ex husband goes for their hunting. His brother has a bit of land up near the Iowa border for that. Anyhow, I do hope they were able to get some protection on the wood since we are to get some of that (bad word sorry) snow again! Yes I know, it's May! Weird, but I hope it's just a brushing and melts within hours of falling the same day kind. And I love snow, since I too like the cooler temps. So lets hope it just makes it that your animals have fun with it and gives you a chuckle and nothing else. Love your blog, have been reading it since 2010. :)

  3. The shop is looking great! Can't wait to see the finished project.

    I could NOT imagine life without a microwave! We use ours daily! *lol* (Mainly to reheat leftovers *lol*) ... But ours is above the stove, so it's not taking up any counter space.


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