Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Birthday Buddy

My little birthday buddy!

When I was young, there was someone in my grade at school who shared my Birthdate with me. Since then, I've not known personally (that I remember...or least that I know of) anyone who was born on May 19th...that is till now!

Some young friends of ours just had their first baby this year on my birthday!! They had a little boy, so I'm thinking of him as my little birthday buddy. LOL

My little birthday buddy!

He was born in a little town not far from where we were going to be the day after my birthday, so we called them up to see if they could stop and let us see him real quick, before they headed on home...back to Nebraska (they came to Missouri, so they could have a midwife birth instead of a hospital birth...which I'm all for myself if the mother is healthy and things are going well...Nebraska doesn't allow midwives at this time which is a shame.)

His Dad looked so proud and happy! I didn't manage any real GOOD photos, but...they had some other friends who happened to be driving through, stop to see him too so I had to jockey for position with my camera. LOL

My little birthday buddy!

His Mom looked happy too, although I'm sure she was really tired and was wishing the trip home was over already.

I'm so glad we happened to be in town at the right time, so we could see him. He is a cutie, and looks a LOT like his Daddy! In fact, I don't think I've ever seen a baby who looks as MUCH like one of their parents as this little cutie did.

We had a nice little chat with them and learned that they knew our Azure Standard drop coordinator (which I thought was really kinda weird...after all they are from Nebraska, actually the new Mom is originally from the west coast and came back here last year to marry her hubby and SHE is the one who had known her since she was a child.)  We also found out our drop coordinator had a connection with someone else we knew years ago which made the day that much more interesting and odd.  LOL  What a small world it truly is at times!

Needless to say, being able to see a new little blessing and learn a little more about someone we knew really made the day extra special.

We went to pick up our Azure order, which is why we were in that town to begin with, and one of the ladies gave us a couple fresh backed loaves of homemade sourdough bread!  I think it was because the month before DH changed a tire for her when we discovered it was flat.  Didn't expect anything for it, just being nice, but what a sweet thing for her to do in payment!  Gotta love homemade bread!!!  :-))  All in all, it was really a wonderful day, and beautiful besides with the countryside between here and there being so beautiful and green making the drive not so bad.

Wish all our shopping days could be so nice!  Wonderful, beautiful AND extra interesting! It seems some of the connections we've made here in Missouri, lead us to connections we've had in the past...both resent past and distant past.  How strange yet blessed is that.  :-))

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  1. Nebraska doesn't allow midwives? That is strange...


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