Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fat and Sassy

Button is looking good!

Our cows sure are looking nice and fat these days...all that good spring grass is being enjoyed by all I think! Button is looking sleek now she lost her winter coat...downright beautiful in fact, I'm loving her coloring! Sadly she wouldn't let me get a good side view photo, to show how nice she looks, but I thought this one at least shows how fat she looks. LOL Course she is suppose to be with calf...only time will tell if she is, the really fat side isn't the calf side I don't think.


Snowball is getting a tummy on her's not near as big as the older cows...but it's got a good start! Lets hope we have enough grass for all our cows and Pearl...God willing the grass will keep growing good so they have plenty to eat and keep those tummies of theirs happy!  LOL

The neighbor who had looked in on Pearl, after her owner moved away...till we got her...walked over for a short visit last night with a couple of his sons.  I didn't actually even know they were here but DH told me about his visit after he left.  I guess he couldn't believe how good Pearl was looking, not just because she has filled out from all the good grass but also because of how much happier she looked.  It IS nice to see the change.

Course it's STILL funny how DH managed to get me convinced to bring her home...we were laughing about that the other day again...he sure is sneaky that hubby of mine!  He knew that all it would take is me seeing how sad and hungry (for attention OR food) an animal looks and I'd be a goner...does he know me or what!

Speaking of Pearl and the cows...DH told me tonight, when I was out seeing them that Pearl and Daisy hang out together now.  After being almost afraid of Pearl, (all the cows were) Daisy has been seen laying down by her...even touching her!  LOL  If Daisy isn't in the pasture with Pearl, Pearl gets antsy.  Here and I figured Daisy and Button would become best friends, if anyone was...little did I know that Daisy would choose a horse over a cow for her best buddy, now that Honey died. It's kinda funny in a way...but sweet too.  Least Pearl has a friend now...after the trauma of being left behind, that's nice to see.

Wonder if we could hitch Daisy up beside Pearl to a buggy...think she would help Pearl pull us around? We'd probably be the only ones around who had a buggy team that consisted of a horse and a cow!  *giggle*  That would fit our farm name at sounds like a hillbilly thing!  LOL  Ok, probably wouldn't be a good idea...Daisy isn't trained THAT well!   Guess we will just have to hope that Pearl won't mind leaving Daisy behind for a little while, if we ever do get her hooked up to a buggy.  :-))

Anyway, it's good to see our cows (and the horse) getting fat and sassy on the nice spring grass!  It's making the fresh homemade butter nice and bright yellow too...and the cream is a nice creamy color, not mostly white, like the winter cream is.  It's just beautiful!  I've made two batches of cheese this week so far...a cheddar and some brie...hopefully once they age they will be yummy like they should be.  Looking forward to making more and hopefully getting the cheese fridge filled up!

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  1. I really hate when people abandon their pets/animals. It's so cruel. :(


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