Friday, May 24, 2013


Oldest kitten

We've got at least two litters of kittens here now...and we think we have a third, we just haven't found where that third one is yet. This little kitten is the oldest. It is the only survivor of a litter of four. The Mom had them outside, between the hay bales, and since the hay bales were moved to feed the cows earlier this spring, they got out more in the open and she didn't move all of them to the barn before something happened to the others. This one is the only one she got moved to safety. DH tried to make a little shelter over and around them once he found them...but guess it didn't work.

The other litter of kittens that we know where are, are under the big cattle trailer. Guess that means we can't get it moved and unloaded until they are old enough to be moved to the barn by us. This litter is almost all white, with just a little color here or there on them...well I think one was more like the color of the kitten above...but the other three were white with colored tails and maybe a spot or two elsewhere. I would sure have preferred a little more color...and a nice calico would have been nice! LOL

Silly cats, not sure why they have to have them outside like they have. Not sure how long it will be till we find where the other cat hid her kittens.  Hopefully we can find them eventually and see what colors SHE had...course hopefully her's has more color on them than the last batch.  LOL

Silly Peaches

The dogs discovered the kitten since it came out to play while we were out at the barn, and naturally were really interested in it. Autumn wanted to "get" it, but Peaches, being the scaredy dog that she is, was a little jumpy around her. She would kinda "sneak" up behind it, leaning out to sniff, but if the cat moved wrong, she would jump back. Goofy mutt. LOL Growing up with that mean ol Autumn sure made Peaches scared of other animals. Poor Baby.  She does seem a little more brave now and then...but then sometimes she is still a weenie dog.  That's ok, I still love her...even if she is a bit afraid of a tiny little ball of fur like this little kitten.  *snicker*

Gotta love having farm babies around...even if I don't get out to see them as much as I should.  Hopefully we will have some calves around later in the year (or early next)...who knows if any of the cows are pregnant or not yet...but I'm sure hoping!  :-))


  1. Too bad we don't live near each other. Hubs got a couple days beyond building Killian's shelter, before walking out to give him his evening feed... and finding a huge mouse/rat ?? Who knows! But I've had to have a serious talk with our only cat, Spinner!

  2. I want to bring that baby home! I love orange tabbies! :D


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