Saturday, May 18, 2013

Newest photos of our Fur Babies


Peaches loves going out with me, when I go outside. I caught her with my camera, out in the tall grass and would have been a better photo if that piece of grass wasn't in front of her face, but she didn't stay there long enough for me to try to get a better I had to make do with this. I wasn't good enough in photo shop, to clone it out...the lighting on her face wasn't working for me...or maybe I just didn't have enough time I don't know. It's still cute, just not AS cute as it would have been, had the grass not been there.

She sure does know how to make life interesting around here, even though she's not a puppy anymore, she still loves to play...and still INSISTS on attention when she wants it...which is quite often!  :-))


Autumn...she is getting up in years, but also still loves to go out when I go out, in case she can get some wandering time in. She's always loved to mosey around, investigating things.  She spends a lot of time lounging...either in her bed, or on my lap if I'm lounging, but is still giving us lots of unconditional love.

Maybe one of these days we will actually get a fence built for the dogs...and a dog door, so they can spend a little more time outside, without having to be watched.  Till then, they really have adapted quite well to not having one, and it's not been as hard as I thought it would be, having to let them out.  It would be nice to get that fence they could have more exercise and outside time...but it will come with time, and I'm just thankful they adapted to not being able to go outside every time they wanted to.

They really are extra special fur babies...and I'm so thankful they are ours!  We love them to death!  :-))

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  1. Sometime you will have to tell me how to "clone" the grass out, because I have no idea how to do such things... But I sure would love to know! :D


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