Friday, May 17, 2013

Pretty Pearl

Pretty Pearl

Pearl is sure looking better these days...compared to when we got her.  She has filled out a lot...and seems much happier.  (Well...except for the fact the bugs are out in force now that it's warm...she was stomping and flicking up a storm yesterday when I went out to see her and the cows.)

She was standing in the shade of this tree, when I went out...but when I went looking for the cows she went running around me and down to join them.  She still makes me nervous, when she starts running and I'm very close to her...but she sure is pretty when she does!

Cows and horse in the pasture

DH moved the cows (and Pearl) to the back pasture give the front pasture a rest and let the grass grow back some. He said Pearl was the first to go over there, and once she figured out she was alone, she went a little crazy again...running back and forth along the fence. She does NOT like being alone in a pasture, poor girl. She calmed down as soon as Daisy joined her...maybe it has something to do with being left behind when her former owner moved...all alone till we were told we could have her...or maybe it's from before that, I don't know. All I know is, she wants to be with one of her friends, even if they ARE cows. LOL

Since the back pasture wasn't connected to the barn yard, (you had to go through the side pasture to get to it) he solved that problem today, by building a lane from the barn yard across the north part of the garden area and over to the back pasture.  It took up a little garden area, but that's ok...we don't like to garden anyway, so won't miss it I'm sure!  *giggle*  Now all three pastures are connected to the barn yard, so we can have the girls anywhere and yet still bring them in to be milked!

The hay field is the only thing that isn't connected now...but if we let them roam in it in the fall after hay season, guess they will just have to have access to the front pasture too...unless DH has a better idea for that...I haven't asked, so don't know if he does.

Sadly it's not looking good to be able to afford enough woven wire fence, so we can change out all the electric fence this year...but least we are slowly getting the place so it's more usable for us!  Hopefully if we don't get enough fencing this year, we can we can get the fences changed, so they don't require electricity to work.  Course, I guess it's early yet...who knows what door's God will open, so I finally figure out how to get that fencing, it could still happen this year...if he wants it to!

Can't get goats till we have better gotta get them changed as soon as possible, cause I sure would love having a few goats...even if we can't have a bunch of them.  Goats would LOVE our place, it's a jungle in spots...and they would help clean it up for us!  :-))

Things may be going slow...but we ARE slowly turning this new hillbilly farm into OUR place.  Love seeing it come together even if it does take way to long to happen.  Can't complain to much yet...we've only had the place for a year at the end of the month!  Maybe in another year or two (or three or four!  LOL) we will have it closer to how we want it.  :-))


  1. There are times when we feel like we'll never finish getting things set up enough to slow down. But that's when you just stop and take a look backward, Deb. Go down the list of things y'all have accomplished. You'll see so many reasons to feel so grateful to God and proud of yourselves. And you won't feel so bad about not getting anything else done that can wait until next year. The pace will keep you sound and successful! No reason to be so hard on yourselves!

  2. Pearl sounds like she has a lot of personality. I am glad you were able to get her. Her early life sounds sad. :(


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