Friday, May 31, 2013


Little Peaches!!

I was talking to Mom on the phone this morning, and she mentioned Dad had had to thin the peaches and apples on his fruit trees cause there were so many of them this year. I was like....huh? the late snow didn't get them? LOL

I hadn't even been out to see our trees lately, been busy doing other things and hadn't even thought about it, since I didn't hold out a LOT of hope we would get anything from them.

Surprise!!! I went out there today and what did I see?

We have baby peaches!!!


No, not that kind of baby Peaches...although she was totally adorable!

Fresh Peaches

THAT kind of peach!! The kind that is oh so yummy to eat either fresh from the pie....or over ice cream! Yummm, I can just taste them now!

Sure hope we get a bunch of them...even though now we need to go thin ours too, cause there are a lot on the tree, so many that it's leaning already...and I don't want to loose the tree cause it's to heavy with fruit!  Gotta LOVE peaches!

I don't think any of the other fruit trees are going to give us anything this year, but then they didn't last year either.  They need a little tender loving care, that we haven't managed to give them yet...but hopefully eventually they will produce for us too.  Least the peaches are seeming to!  :-))

Now...if hubby could just find the time (and have the rain stop long enough) to be able to mow the orchard (heck, even mowing the yard is hard to do with all the rain we've had!) maybe I'd be able to show my face in the orchard one's FULL of poison ivy right now...and after getting it SO BAD last year, I won't be going out there anytime soon again.  I did today, till I saw how bad some area's were...and am hoping and praying I didn't get any on me...or the Dog's get it on them to give to me.

I so HATE poison ivy...I'm get it SOOO bad, when I get it and can't seem to get RID of it...that I do almost anything to not get around it.  *sigh*  One reason we REALLY need to be able to get goats...they would eat it and eventually we wouldn't have any.  Mom and Dad's farm doesn't have to much anymore in their pastures anyway...all because of the goats!

But...hmmm...this didn't start out as a poison ivy rant...sorry about that!  LOL  I just thought I'd pass on the news that we will hopefully have peaches after all this summer!  Yippee!!!  :-))


  1. It HAS to be all the moisture we've all received this past winter. Our Peach tree has gone from nothing withstanding to an overload that we've, also, had to thin! We even had to thin out the Granny Smith Apple tree, Deb. It's had me totally stunned. I just hope my surgeries are over and done with by the time they're ready to harvest!

  2. Mmmmmm. I love peaches! They remind me of my grandparents, who had a pear and peach orchard in Parkdale, Oregon. When we would visit, my grandma would pick peaches right off the tree to give me. Yum!


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