Thursday, June 06, 2013


Pretty June Sunset

I don't know WHERE the week has gone! It's hard to believe it's already Thursday...for that matter, it's hard to believe it's JUNE! Time just seems to be flying by!

I've been busy making more cheese this week...nothing new there.  I have 4 blocks of cheddar and 6 little blocks of brie, aging in the cheese cave now.  I've decided to cut down a little on how much I make each week, as I'm not getting enough other things done...but do hope to make one cheddar every week...and a brie every other week or so.  Course I'm sure that will change once I start canning...but till then I'm hoping to get cheese to aging in the "cave" so we can stop buying it all the time.

Pretty June Sunset

Sadly, our garden isn't doing well so far...the tomato's we set out...according to DH anyway as I've not been up to see them myself...aren't going to make it, and the seeds we planted 2-3 weeks ago are taking their time coming up...who knows if they ever will at this rate. *sigh* Have I mentioned lately how much I HATE gardening? LOL THIS is a classic example of WHY I hate's just TO MUCH WORK, to have it die or not even bother coming up for us!

And I so wanted to have it for canning...darn garden!

Course, we've NEVER been able to raise tomato's...not sure what it is about them, but they haven't done well for us at all, not that we've had a garden for a lot of years or anything, but that's beside the point.  LOL  We kinda tried last year, till the weeds took over cause we were to busy moving and settling in...and the chickens ate all we DID manage to have in the garden....but the year before, which was really our first garden in forever, we tried to have tomatoes and they just didn't do good for us then either...although least they did live longer than 3 days after planting them!  *snicker*

We've got a little more rain this week, but not nearly as much as last, thankfully.  It's also been nice and cool too, which has really been wonderful!  Love not having that heat and humidity! I even managed to get out to watch the sunset last night...and get a couple photos!

DH has been working on his shop area...we still have to get some more wood for his floor, but the part of the floor that has wood, he's been getting ready for his putting up work benches and stuff with some wood and table's he got cheap at an auction.

It seems like everything comes down to money everything seems to take a lot longer than it should to come together around here, since we never seem to have enough of that "all important" money.  LOL  We still have to run electrical wire over to the shop AND the barn...but have to have the money to get the trencher AND have the wire at the same waits like a lot of things do.  We are pretty good at making do we will continue making do with what we have till we can get everything done.

I was hoping to get my kitchen counter this summer...but it's probably going to have to wait there are more important things (like the electricity) that needs done.  *sigh*  Matching counter tops aren't really'll make do with what I have.  LOL  I may however have to insist on my wonderful country sink getting installed...I could really use those side boards it has when I'm making cheese!

All in all even with figuring out we will have to wait on some things we wanted to do...and will be lucky to manage to get the others done with time flying by so fast, it's been a good week so far!  Loving the lower temps the most though!!  LOL  Better get busy, have way to much to do in the next couple of days to sit in front of my computer to much.  LOL  Hope everyone has a great rest of the week, and weekend!  :-))

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  1. That's too bad about the garden. Bummer!


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