Friday, June 07, 2013

Beautiful Homemade Grass Fed Ghee!

homemade grass fed ghee!

I finally managed to make some more ghee yesterday!! I've been out of it for months...haven't made any since we moved, cause we weren't getting all that much cream till spring got here. I am basically just concentrating on stocking my freezer with butter right now, but every now and then I'd make butter that was either so soft so that it got whipped a little much...which made it hard to wash and get all the buttermilk out of it, or I was in a hurry and didn't want to do the extra steps of adding a little bit of salt and measuring it out into the containers I put the butter in till it hardens in the freezer. When I had some I didn't want to use right away or put in the freezer for later, I'd put the unsalted butter in ziplock bags in the freezer till I had enough for a batch of ghee.

It's so nice to have ghee again!! I love to use in in my cooking instead of coconut oil...well for most things anyway. If I really want to brown something on top the stove, the ghee doesn't seem to work as well...but otherwise, I use my ghee when I can. I've even used it in my pie crust and REALLY makes those two things yummy!

I still want to put more butter in my freezer for when we aren't getting enough cream to keep us in butter, but hopefully before the cows dry up I'll also be able to stock up on more ghee too, cause I'd really like to use it more than coconut's cheaper (since we have cows giving us milk) and makes things taste better too in my opinion!  LOL  It's also a good way to keep butter without having to have it take up freezer space.

Ghee, made from grass fed cows is suppose to be really healthy, and has extra vitamin's and minerals.  The bright yellow color lets you know it's full of extra nutrients...and I really love seeing that cheerful color when I open my cupboard doors, instead of the white (or clear if it's melted) of the coconut oil!

It's so wonderful being blessed with butter, cream, milk and now ghee again!  Praise God for his wonderful bounty!

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  1. I have no idea what ghee is... But yay! Glad you have some! *lol*


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