Thursday, June 13, 2013

For the LOVE of strawberries!


I've always LOVED strawberries...they are one of my favorite berries, although really, I adore most ALL the berries (except gooseberries LOL). This spring though, I just can't seem to get enough strawberries! Most of them I've just ate plain, although we have had shortcake a couple times...shortcake is just to die for, so I couldn't resist having it, since I had my raw cream for fresh whipped cream! Most of the strawberries have been from the store that we've bought...and not organic, so I'm sure they are full of those nasty pesticides. I wouldn't have gotten them but I was craving strawberries, and they were so good...even if the pesticides take years off my life. LOL

Anyway, a couple days ago DH had to go to the VA, since it was nothing major I stayed home so I could make cheese. He went out the north way, on the gravel, and when he got to the highway to the north of us he saw a sign that said strawberries...on to the north of where he had to turn. I've been wanting to find some strawberries that were homegrown, and pesticide free so finally today remembered to have DH run up and see how much they were and hopefully get us some.

They were Amish grown, with no nasty pesticides so he brought a gallon of them home to me, and told me they also sold quarts of pie filling and some other things made with the strawberries. She also said to let her know if we wanted more, and since I called Mom and told her about them she wanted DH went back and got a couple qts of pie filling to try and a half gallon of just canned strawberries and ordered a couple more gallons of fresh berries to be picked up in the morning.

I guess they will have a bigger berry a little later (it's a different kind...more of a summer berry), so should have strawberries for a while longer! If I had the money and freezer space I'd freeze a bunch of them...and make a bunch of jelly....and fruit rollups....but since money isn't something we have lots of...I will just get what I can, for as long as I can and eat a lot of fresh berries...and maybe if I have extra make a little bit of something else like fruit rollups...since I've kinda been wanting to make some of them.

I tell you, if I liked to garden, I'd sure have a nice big strawberry patch, cause I just LOVE the things! Maybe next year I can save a little money and get more of them to can and freeze and dry for the winter now I know they are available around here!

I do love living around the Amish...cause we are slowly finding more and more things to buy from them, and can pretty much rest assured if it's food, they didn't use lots of nasty chemicals on the food.  I'd love to only buy local or organic food that I know doesn't have the added chemicals, but it's not something I can always afford...although I do as much as possible that way.

I do have to apologize, it seems like every post lately has had something about our limited budget in it. *giggle* Guess it's a time of year I just want more money so I can stock up on stuff! We do what we can, and God has provided what we need, and for that I'm always grateful!  Guess I just can't help wishing for more though, silly as that is.  LOL

Anyway, I'm so thankful for what seems to be a longer strawberry season here!  Maybe I'll get my fill of strawberries after all...ok, maybe not but I can dream!  LOL

Next time guess I should try taking my photos on the table (or with a table cloth under the stuff I want photos of)...that black counter doesn't work as well I don't think, but then I'm not to good at taking "food" photo's, so...that's ok I guess.  You get the idea anyway...Fresh strawberries, strawberry pie filling and canned berries!  Gotta LOVE them!!!  I will save the canned berries and pie filling for winter (I think)...and have a wonderful "spring" treat, when I'm wishing it was spring!!  ;-))

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  1. I am not a big berry fan, but making jam is fun (and makes the family very happy *lol*)... So I am hoping to get some raspberries next. They would love raspberry jam! ... And there are a LOT of berry farms around here. :)


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